Great Lakes Wine & Spirits Implements Descartes Systems Group

Beverage distributor improves infield capabilities and logistics process operations and enhances customer service with Descartes Mobile

Waterloo, OntarioFeb. 26, 2013—Wine, spirits and beer distributor Great Lakes Wine & Spirits in Michigan now uses Descartes Mobile for Android to improve delivery performance across its fleet. A cloud-based solution, Descartes Mobile is part of Descartes Systems Group’s integrated routing, mobile and telematics offering.

“Integrating real-time field data is critical to ensure the maximum performance of our delivery operations,” said Lou Grech-Cumbo, Executive Vice President of Operations, Great Lakes Wine & Spirits. “With Descartes Mobile for Android, we're able to upgrade to the latest mobile technology and improve our infield capabilities. We're using Descartes Mobile for Android as part of an integrated routing and mobile solution from Descartes to standardize our logistics processes and integrate our acquisitions. As a result, we've improved the efficiency of our logistics operations and enhanced customer service.”

Descartes Mobile for Android helps enterprises manage drivers on delivery routes and mobile workers by providing them with the stop sequence, order details and turn-by-turn driving instructions. The solution helps enterprises capture route status and other critical information while interacting with the customer. Descartes Mobile is available on multiple operating systems, such as Android; in multiple languages; and on multiple hardware platforms.

As part of Descartes’ cloud-based logistics technology platform, Descartes’ integrated routing, mobile and telematics solutions are designed to help companies create optimal delivery routes; manage the execution of those routes; and capture critical customer information and driver and vehicle performance in real-time. With Descartes, organizations are better able to manage the challenges that occur during the delivery process, as well as, provide better and more cost effective customer service.

“We're privileged to work with industry leaders such as Great Lakes Wine & Spirits,” said Lee Karlinsky, Vice President of Alliances & Corporate Accounts, Descartes Systems Group. “Great Lakes Wine & Spirits is at the forefront of using integrated routing and mobile technology in a closed loop fashion to maximize its productivity and as a platform for consolidation. Descartes Mobile for Android gives them a highly flexible and cost-effective mobile platform for operating their business.”

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