CargoWise to bring Microsoft’s SQL2012 to Global Logistics Industry

CargoWise amongst first independent software vendors to launch SQL2012

Sydney, Australia—May 2, 2012—Logistics technology solutions provider CargoWise participated in the launch of the latest version of Microsoft’s SQL database server—SQL2012.

“The managed IT relationship we have with CargoWise goes back over a decade and plays a special role in relation to promoting the advantages of SQL to the logistics industry,” said David Sajfar, Microsoft’s ISV Alliance Manager. “They are the leaders in their domain, having not only demonstrated capacity to deliver, succeed and grow, but to showcase emerging trends such as cloud-computing, exemplified by their hosted-software solution offering. It is only natural for us to continue working closely with them and building on this mutually beneficial relationship.”

“We have found huge capability and performance advancements in our development with SQL2012,” said Brett Shearer, Chief Architect, CargoWise. “The Async Mirror helps us with massive scale out and scale up and Column Store Indexes dramatically improve query speeds. Power view, key performance indicators, drill through and other improvements enable powerful new BI capability. With Microsoft as our technology partner on SQL2012 we intend to drive this innovation even harder to extract every last piece of performance from the CargoWise/Microsoft platform.”

“By migrating all our hosted customers we will enable improvements in performance, capability, reliability, availability and disaster recovery,” said Richard White, Chief Executive Officer of CargoWise. “We will also be migrating our self-hosted customers over the next year or so to give them best of breed application performance and capability. We look forward to building new and powerful functionality for all our customers that will rely upon and leverage SQL2012.”