Webgistix Launches SmartFreight for Global Inventory Movement

Fulfillment platform enables mid-size ecommerce retailers to meet rising customer demands and manage freight movement

Las Vegas—March 29, 2012—Webgistix Corp., a global provider of ecommerce order fulfillment, unveiled SmartFreight, a combination of technology and consulting services that include carrier selection, freight scheduling, customs management and shipment tracking. 

The solution provides mid-size ecommerce retailers with a streamlined solution for managing international and domestic freight movement from manufacturers, distributors and warehouses to Webgistix fulfillment centers throughout the U.S. and globally.

SmartFreight integrates with Webgistix’s SmartFill order fulfillment platform, providing ecommerce retailers with a seamless solution for moving products from their point of origination to a consumer’s doorstep.

“With our company growing fast, I've got a lot on my plate, so Webgistix's SmartFreight service was a no-brainer,” said Josh Hartung, Founder of Loomi Light. “I don't have time to work out all the details involved in arranging freight shipments—the paperwork, price negotiations, scheduling. With Webgistix, I know my product is in the hands of experts who do logistics every day. Their relationships are established and I can be confident I'm getting the best price.”

The SmartFreight service includes a step-by-step freight plan that is customized for each retailer. The plan covers all aspects of freight management and movement. SmartFreight also includes carrier negotiation with companies such as FedEx and UPS to help mid-size retailers get the lowest possible costs on freight transportation.

“Mid-size retailers can be overwhelmed by the paperwork and headaches involved in freight management,” said Joseph DiSorbo, Chief Executive Officer, Webgistix. “SmartFreight eliminates these hassles so retailers can focus on growing their businesses. Once again, we’re proud to be innovators in order fulfillment, extending our value to ecommerce retailers across the entire supply chain.”

SmartFreight clients also benefit from the fact that Webgistix is a licensed ocean transportation intermediary (OTI). This enables Webgistix to cut out the middleman for its clients when negotiating overseas shipping agreements. OTI licensing enables Webgistix to work directly with shipping lines, thereby reducing costs and passing on the savings to its clients.

“I truly value Webgistix because its fulfillment solutions help reduce my overhead and let me focus on the things that actually provide value to my customers,” said Hartung. “Thanks to Webgistix SmartFreight, we have an eCommerce supply chain that rivals much bigger competitors.”