Intermec Enhances Mobile Computer Family

Adds anytime, anywhere mobile broadband connectivity and faster processing

Everett, WA—Jan. 23, 2012—Intermec, Inc., will offer two new enhancements to its 70 Series product family—a new 1 GHz Texas Instruments OMAP 3715 processor and a Wide Area Flexible Network radio based on Qualcomm Inc.’s Gobi 3G connectivity technology.

“By incorporating these enhancements, Intermec vastly reduces connectivity limitations with the ability to deploy the 70 Series on virtually any 3G network and increases the speed of business with faster processing power,” said Earl Thompson, Intermec Senior Vice President, Mobile Solutions Business Unit. “This increased flexibility reinforces Intermec’s commitment to delivering best-in-class rugged mobile computers with the capabilities necessary to conduct business anywhere, anytime in the field.”

The new 1 GHz industrial grade superscalar multi-engine processor provides customers running data-hungry applications with the fastest, most responsive platform available.  Along with a quicker processer, the 70 Series also maintains its best-in-class power management and battery life performance to avoid unnecessary downtime.

In addition, the 70 Series now comes equipped with a Flexible Network radio that will provide on-the-fly, Wide Area Network selection capability. Based on Qualcomm’s Gobi 3000 embedded module, the Flexible Network radio enables fast data communications on both CDMA and UMTS wireless networks.

“The enhancements to the 70 Series portfolio allow us to keep our customers’ needs met as they work toward best-in-class operations in today’s fast-paced business climate,” said Jim Ledbetter, President of Barcom Inc. “Through continuous innovation in hardware, software services and integrated solutions, Intermec helps my customers realize the full potential of their workflow processes.”

Available as an option for three of the four 70 Series models—the CN70, CN70e and CK70—organizations with global deployments are now able to procure and support one wireless device that works on multiple networks while reducing their investments in device spare pools.  Complemented with Intermec’s software technologies, the 70 Series will deliver automatic and seamless “in route” switching between carrier networks providing customers with the flexibility to choose the network with the best geographic coverage and lowest cost.

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