Damco, Sun America Imports Expand Partnership

Damco will provide end-to-end management of supply chain

Madison, NJ—Aug. 19, 2011—Damco announced that Sun America Imports, Inc., a U.S. based importer and wholesaler of fresh produce and perishables from Latin America to North America, has named Damco to provide end-to-end management of the company’s entire supply chain from Latin America to North America.


Damco will handle all landside services and ocean transportation, providing cargo insurance and offering complete visibility throughout Sun America’s supply chain.


“Our goal is to increase profitability by reducing intermediary dependency and bring down our overall logistics and transportation costs,” said Drew Kislin, Managing Director of Sun America Imports. “Our goal is also to use Damco’s strong presence and network across all of the key perishable markets to jointly grow the business and our businesses to include more product groups and eventually begin exporting fresh produce to new markets in Europe.”