Averna Launches New Test Appliance

Designed to help electronics and communications OEMs improve quality

Mountain View, CA—Aug. 8, 2011—Averna, a manufacturing solution provider to electronics and communications OEMs, launched the Proligent Appliance, a manufacturing test and quality management solution that can be deployed easily and securely to multiple sites within an ecosystem of supply chain partners. At every stage of the product lifecycle the Proligent Appliance helps OEMs improve productivity and quality by solving their design and manufacturing challenges.

 “The Proligent Appliance … simply and remotely solves the complexity of their global supply chains,” said Pascal Pilon, President and CEO of Averna Inc. “This is especially crucial today because of increasingly complex products and highly distributed manufacturing. The Proligent Appliance is the ideal solution for OEMs to harmonize remote operations and partners while adjusting rapidly to ever-changing market conditions.”

The Proligent Appliance provides key stakeholders with superior visibility into all test, repair, quality control, and shipping activities in the supply chain to optimize quality, increase reaction times, reduce errors and RMAs, and improve manufacturing efficiency. By deploying Proligent, OEMs can also expect reduced operating costs and increased profit margins.

A Modular Offering for Every Manufacturing Need

To maximize flexibility and scalability, the Proligent Appliance offers a wide number of services to choose from, in four core modules:

  Discovery allows the data mining and analysis of large sets of product engineering and manufacturing information coming from the supply chain, making it instantly available in easy-to-use dashboards and analytics reports that improve product traceability and facilitate root-cause analysis.

  Engineering Collaboration creates a more responsive supply chain by enabling stakeholders to author and manage product configurations, test configurations and versioning, and to receive alerts and critical notifications when issues arise or when changes are introduced.

  Synchronization captures and aggregates test and quality data from all manufacturing facilities, suppliers and service centers. Critical engineering and product information such as specs, configurations, tolerance and test parameters are then shared with the required partners.

  Quality Enforcement ensures all business rules and process controls are followed – and that everyone in the supply chain is using the correct tests and configurations – guaranteeing the highest quality throughout the product lifecycle.