The Automation and Specialization of Manufacturing Jobs in America

Is the U.S. manufacturing industry disappearing? Contrary to popular rhetoric, Cutting Tool Engineering says it is still alive and well.

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The world of manufacturing is changing. In turn, there is also a lot of fear and conjecture that automation is killing the manufacturing industry. Cutting Tool Engineering has created an infographic to explain why the idea is a sensationalized sentiment that’s not fully accurate and only displays a sliver of the big picture.

The infographic will explain that while yes, a surge in autonomy has cost the United States millions of manufacturing jobs, the advent of “advanced manufacturing,” which refers to the skills needed to work with highly technical automated machines, is opening millions of new jobs. The ebb and flow of the manufacturing industry shouldn’t cause economic hysteria, but should turn to the education of workers and their introduction/reintroduction to an evolving field.

As automated manufacturing has advanced, it has seen a rise in workers with higher levels of education. Automation cannot teach workers new skills, nor advance existing ones. It’s abundantly clear that if manufacturing jobs want to be staffed with new and/or returning workers, educational advancement and support from employers, local and state governments needs be offered. Instead of lamenting the falsely contrived death of manufacturing, Cutting Tool Engineering belives bolstering worker support will bring it into a new era. 

To learn more, download the infographic below.