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Atlanta, GA 30339

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210 Interstate North Parkway SE
Suite 750
Atlanta, GA 30339

Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning dramatically transforms supply chain performance by providing a precise planning technology that analyzes every customer transaction and translates deep customer insights into a day-by-day view at every level of the supply chain that minimizes stock-outs, excess inventory, or the need for costly corrective actions.

Our Cloud-Native solution includes unique PrecisionPlanning™ technology that automatically translates customer demand into a precise, economically-optimized demand and supply plan — built for your specific supply chain realities.

Blue Ridge provides timely, proactive recommendations to improve product availability, while eliminating excess inventory. We consider the practical constraints of your supply chain to increase sales, improve cash flow and reduce logistics costs.

Additionally, we complement the technology with LifeLine service where supply chain experts monitor all activities, proactively alert you to issues, and guide your team to capitalize on new opportunities and avoid future disruptions.

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