What Does Wellness Mean During a Pandemic?

Increased interest in wellness coupled with a focus on the vaccine rollout makes for an interesting year for the pharmaceutical chain.

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Hope for a future less threatened by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) grows stronger as President Biden instructs states to be sure all adults all eligible for a vaccine by May 1, during a recent press conference. While not every interested adult is guaranteed to receive a vaccine by then, they will be allowed to join a waitlist.

It is an interesting time in pharma as the industry works to get the vaccines out to the public in a timely manner while still maintaining the existing everyday pharmaceutical chain. But the growing interest in wellness has not slowed during the pandemic, only grown, along with a portion of the population feeling distrust in pharmaceutical companies.

As I work on the cover story for SDCE’s March issue, focused on the State of Pharma, I am in awe of all the pieces that need to come together for this vaccine rollout. I know that many people have varying ideologies on the vaccine, but the intricacies of the science behind all of it is truly amazing.

I’m hopeful for a future in which I barely mention COVID-19 in my blogs but am excited for continued growth of the wellness industry. Personally, I find myself always excited to investigate the latest wellness trend. And, while yes much of it is too good to be true, the surge of D2C wellness companies that allow consumers to take control of their own health really shifts the industry.

Not surprising during the pandemic, wellness trends throughout 2021 focus on boosting immunity and mental health. Since many people are isolated, stuck at home and are dealing with the stress of the threatened sickness in general, mental health becomes a top priority.

Since it has been a year with consumers stuck at home, a report from Mintel shows that people have turned their homes into the foundation of their health and wellness.

It is getting warmer here in the Northeast where I’m located, so I’m leaning into that trend as well and making my home into a mental and physical health oasis! But as many others do the same, I will be paying attention to see how this affects the supply chain.

So I say, bring on the sunshine and bring on the vaccines and let’s see where this wellness trend takes us!