The 14th Annual Pros to Know

Meet Ryan Verbecken, our Pro of the Year, as well as all the other men and women making a difference in supply chain

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Supply chain can be as complex as a Gordian Knot, but none of us has the sword of Alexander the Great to slice it into a simple length of rope. Whether dealing with the ever-changing world of procurement, the volatility of fuel prices, managing the always-present risk (natural or man-made) or any of the myriad issues of supply chain, it takes the best minds to keep products flowing smoothly.

With this year’s Supply & Demand Chain Executive Pros to Know we’re honoring the best and brightest in supply chain, whether Providers, Practitioners or a Team. With almost 400 entries, the editorial committee had a difficult time winnowing it down to around 200 men and women.

One of the toughest chores we faced was selecting our Pro of the Year. Out of many worthy candidates we have selected Ryan Verbecken, Senior Manager Enterprise e-Sourcing, The Kroger Co., in Cincinnati.

Verbecken says that one of the key challenges facing e-Sourcing for 2014 is having automated visibility of information and data. System generated information can be a means to help optimize sourcing efforts and is critical to increasing effective relationships between Kroger and its overall supply base. As the grocery chain’s customer demands and business organization change, regulations, opportunities, and priorities evolve along with it. Ready access to data and information is important to efficiently react and/or interpret other alternatives to streamline through various scenarios.

“Quick reactions and the ability to effectively reprioritize to changing business needs gives Kroger the competitive edge needed in today’s environment,” he says. “Expanding upon this visibility of information, Kroger is working to a greater degree with suppliers to gain a deeper understanding into their supply chains and encouraging them to communicate and share potential opportunities. Adding this visibility enables Kroger to establish stronger and more meaningful strategies longer term that will generate mutual benefits and improvements for our customers.”

To enable this visibility, Verbecken has initiated several innovative activities to help drive increased awareness of the value of sourcing techniques and strategies and the use of e-sourcing tools to maximize results. For example, over 10 years ago, Kroger established an e-sourcing center of excellence for the organization encouraging a formalized approach to bidding business through the use of a reverse auction platform. Verbecken was able to update the platform and expand upon its basic bidding foundation to create a platform designed around strategic sourcing activities. Today, Sourcing professionals are learning how to incorporate the e-sourcing platform strategically into their work routines.

In addition to the pilot team to update the e-sourcing platform, our Pro of the Year initiated another pilot team focused on developing a business process associated with policy governance related to the acquisition of all supplier information, documentation, and general compliance requirements. Today, this information is assembled through manual and de-centralized efforts by sourcing and procurement personnel. The results of the pilot review is enabling a systematic approach to require all suppliers to The Kroger Co., products and/or services, to pre-register through a portal designed to drive compliance in key areas, such as food safety, law, accounting, diversity, sustainability, and social compliance.

“Sourcing personnel will have visibility into this data to identify potential suppliers, status as part of registration, their areas of interest, and where they may already be doing business in various Kroger departments,” he explains. “This added information can introduce new suppliers and innovations to Kroger while assisting sourcing personnel to more efficiently understand how best to work with the suppliers and the opportunities they may present to the company.”

The increased visibility into company and supplier information and the expanded use of various e-sourcing and systematic tools will help Kroger align with suppliers that best meet Kroger’s business need, while creating an environment that invites new suppliers and products critical to success in the retail environment.

Because Kroger is customer-driven, Verbecken ensures that his efforts are holistic in nature, generating long-term benefits that are sustainable and ultimately derive value for the customer. Increasing data and information visibility to react and respond to changing demands and ensuring supplier compliance to address new innovations and customer safety will remain his focus.

For all those reasons, we are proud to name Kroger’s Ryan Verbecken our 2014 Pro to Know of the Year.

And now, let’s pay tribute to all of our 2014 Pros to Know.


Provider Pros to Know

Bill Michels, President, ADR North America. Michels says the supply chain function operates best by participating, building, and leading cross-functional teams and by working closely with suppliers in order to integrate & customize the supply chain to better align with the company’s broader strategy.

Michael B. Lee, CEO, Airclic. Mike Lee has 20 years of experience in the communications and enterprise software industries, Global leaders in a range of industries from pharmaceutical to office supplies to food distribution and third party logistics, use Airclic’s cloud-based, mobile supply chain management solutions to improve their performance in the last mile in the supply chain.

Ty Bordner, Vice President, Solutions Consulting, Amber Road. Bordner has helped introduce new products to the trade community that integrate compliance, logistics and supply chain technologies that help today’s leading companies automate and manage their global trade operations. He has helped Amber Road’s multinational customers tackle some of their most challenging issues in today’s global market.

Anthony Hardenburgh, Vice President Global Trade Content, Amber Road. Anthony is one of the top experts on hot topics such as regulatory controls, free trade agreements, and duty minimization, and his leadership of the industry’s most comprehensive regulatory database has advanced not only Amber Road but the entire global trade space.

Stephanie Miles, Senior Vice President Commercial Services, Amber Road. Stephanie brings nearly 20 years of expertise in client services to the supply chain industry. Her unique insight from her work with and understanding of customer issues has been integral in Amber Road’s growth. She does this with leadership, strategic vision and attention to detail.

Rachel Spasser, Chief Marketing Officer, Ariba, an SAP Company. Many companies took to the sidelines in 2013 and watched as more innovative firms embraced business networks as a new model. Spasser and her team will focus on delivering solutions that eliminate the barriers to collaboration and fuel commerce without boundaries.

Robert Steinberg, Customer Engagement Executive, Ariba, an SAP Company. Steinberg regularly advises clients on defining and implementing various collaborative commerce strategies, business processes as well as assisting them with change management and technology adoption. He has worked for both leading technology as well as management consulting companies.

Steven LaVoie, Chairman and CEO, Arrowstream. LaVoie founded ArrowStream because he is an advocate for change in the industry and sees that the supply chain must be looked at differently. He developed ArrowStream’s mission, values and culture to focus on challenging the status quo, evolving supply chain practices, and helping customers prepare for the future with non-traditional solutions.

Jason Averill, Executive Vice President, Avercast. Jason has consulted numerous Fortune 500 companies on supply chain forecasting and demand management best practices. As co-founder of Avercast, he works directly with industry executives and practitioners to advance industry research, collaborate on new theories, and improve available technologies.

Clark Johnson, COO, Avercast. With more than 25 years of forecasting and demand planning experience, Johnson oversees all global operations and develops the best practice consulting/training programs delivered by Avercast. He believes that by implementing a good S&OP program, companies can start and end the planning process with a forecast.

Tom O’Boyle, Director of RFID, Barcoding. Serving at the forefront of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, O’Boyle specializes in the practical implementation of RFID to make organizations, especially those in the supply chain industry, more productive and efficient.

Greg White, CEO, Blue Ridge. Recognizing the challenge that retailers, distributors and manufacturers face—living up to customer expectations of product availability, while keeping the supply chain lean—White has brought new levels of precision and visibility to Blue Ridge supply chain planning technology, and has leveraged cloud computing to connect previously disjointed supply chain tiers.

Bill Harrison, President, Demand Management, Inc. Harrison drives the vision, strategy and successes of more than 2,500 customers. As an industry thought leader, he not only leads to market products that enhance supply planning professionals’ capabilities, but provides insights and education as a public speaker.

Thuy Mai, Chairman and CEO, DiCentral. A good supply chain, Mai says, is comprised of tools that provide speed, efficiency and flexibility.  Companies of all sizes need these tools achieve and enjoy the best supply chain.  From our perspective and an EDI standpoint, we develop these tools to enable our clients to act quickly with increased insight, efficiency, and flexibility.

Ann Drake, CEO, DSC Logistics. Drake has guided DSC through continual transformation, aimed at providing supply chain leadership to customers with changing needs, resulting in a focus on integrated supply chain solutions and a business model based on collaborative partnerships. She reorganized the company to help customers make the most of rapid and dramatic change in the marketplace.

Michael McFerrin, Director of Client Management, DSSI. McFerrin understands the supply chain processes at multiple Fortune 500 companies and other smaller manufactures. This allows him and his team to recognize opportunities across a broad landscape of manufacturers and identify and implement synergies that result in efficiencies and savings for DSSI’s customers.

Steven Hofmann, Vice President, Products, E2open. Hofmann’s applies his supply chain management expertise to designing, positioning, building and selling innovative enterprise solutions for retail, automotive, consumer electronics, consumer package goods, logistics, high tech and aerospace and defense industries.

Sean Rollings, Vice President Product Marketing, E2open. Rollings is particularly adept at leading direct and indirect cross-functional teams to bring new products and corporate initiatives to market. Sean’s areas of expertise are in global trading networks, cloud computing, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery and implementation for enterprise customers.

David Vallejo, Vice President Sales Enablement, E2open. Vallejo understands the solutions available in the market to transform some of the world’s most complex and profitable supply chains. He and his team have led countless initiatives designed to optimize end-to-end supply chain operations and develop truly customer-driven supply chain programs.

John Blyzinskyj, CEO, Elemica. John provided the strategic vision for Elemica’s next-generation supply chain operating network, which has shifted to an outside-in focus that is more customer-focused. He understands that to be more competitive, companies need to take steps beyond their four walls and concentrate more on the needs of their customers, suppliers, and logistics providers.

Tom Streatar, Senior Director, Labor Management Practice Leader, enVista. With his more than 20-year commitment to the labor management profession, Streatar has delivered labor management programs to over 250 clients worldwide, saving clients millions of dollars. He listens to their concerns and requirements and works with them to develop a solution.

Donna Troy, Executive Vice President and General Manager, ERP Americas, Epicor. Her focus on strengthening customer and partner relationships for both enterprise and small- to medium-size business segments is proving instrumental in driving continued success for Epicor in the distribution, manufacturing and services industries. Leveraging her global experience, Troy is focusing on expanding the company’s growth in Latin America.

Bernard Byrne, CTO, eZCom Software, Inc. With 30 years of EDI experience, Byrne has led development teams that created initial EDI programs for Kmart Fashion Group, Lechter’s, and Bob Stores; he orchestrated EDI enhancements for Johnson and Johnson, Ortho-McNeil, and Bristol Meyers Squibb; and also directed EDI enhancements for publishing leader McGraw Hill.

Andrew Breckenridge, Executive Vice President, Fortna. Breckenridge helps clients develop and implement strategies so they can meet customer’s expectations for quick fulfillment. One client is moving toward being able to replenish every one of their retail stores every day. When complete, they will have fewer stock-outs and significantly less inventory across their entire distribution network.

Nikko Pianetto, Group Vice President—Integrated Technology Solutions, Fortna. Pianetto manages all of Fortna’s software, engineering, client support and procurement. He believes that diversity and open collaboration are the cornerstones of a strong team and that leadership is only effective when it is authentic.

Phil Quartel, Senior Director Supply Chain Services, Fortna. Quartel leads the Strategy Practice at Fortna, helping companies determine where to place their distribution centers and other distribution nodes, where to store inventory for the highest impact, and how to manage their transportation.

Page Siplon, Executive Director, Georgia Center of Innovation for Logistics. A thought leader within the industry, Siplon helped the Georgia Center create and host the Georgia Logistics Summit for the past five years, with last year’s summit boasting more than 2,000 industry attendees from more than 30 states and 10 countries.

Sean Feeney, CEO, GT Nexus. Since become CEO in 2013, following the merger with TradeCard, Feeney is the driving force behind the global network that manages more than $100 billion in trade each year for more than 25,000 businesses across industry verticals.  

Rob Small, Senior Director Supply Chain Consulting, Inmar. As a result of his vision, Inmar collects global data on hundreds of millions of consumer units each year, and has a data set encompassing billions of units. He also has leveraged Inmar’s supply chain database to publish supply chain trends that inform strategy and provide important benchmarking.

Joe Juliano, President & CEO, IQNavigator. He says that as companies determine the supply chain strategy for their needs to support an overall growth strategy they require the right people at the right time to execute their plans. The trick, though, is that there is a juncture between corporate strategy, procurement, HR and individual departmental needs.

Jim Barnes, Services Director, ISM. Many supply chain strategies and operations are islands and purely focused on supplier interactions, negotiations and operations. Barnes works with organizations across the functions of operations, sales and finance to align with customer demand and requirements.

Vali Fayen, Vice President, Product Management Group, JDA Software. In her 17 years at JDA Software and in her previous retail operations and IT positions, Vali has successfully led strategic, enterprise-wide initiatives to improve execution and planning processes and to design technology solutions to enable retailers to improve visibility and to increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

Tom Kozenski, Vice President, Industry Strategies, JDA. is responsible for driving the product direction of JDA’s Warehouse Management and Workforce Management solutions for both the manufacturing and retail sectors. He is an active industry speaker on supply chain and retail technology topics and has presented at numerous supply chain organizations.

Paula Natoli, Vice President Product Management, JDA. With her extensive focus on demand management, collaboration and S&OP processes, coupled with her current focus, which ensures a proper alignment and linking of planning with execution, Paula actively engages with companies to determine new functionality to develop into the JDA software.

Annemarie Omrod, President & CEO, John Galt Solutions. For 18 years, Ms. Omrod has led John Galt Solutions in providing affordable and innovative software solutions to assist in demand planning and inventory management. Omrod designed and programmed the first version of the ForecastX Wizard software, currently in use by over 6,000 customers worldwide.

Thad Neal, Director of Consulting, Junction Solutions. In his IT and supply chain management career,  Neal has managed nearly 100 supply chain projects and technology implementations that promoted change management and sought to define what best practices were as well as how to enable companies to manage growth, drive process efficiencies, reduce costs and improve profitability.

James V. Kelly, CEO, JVKelly Group. A sought after expert in supply chain, risk management, strategic sourcing and e-commerce, Kelly has testified as an expert witness for a major global corporation regarding supply pricing structures for suppliers and has given numerous lectures on managing risk in the supply chain.

Toby Brzoznowski, Co-Founder & Executive Vice President, LLamasoft. Leading the global sales, marketing, and business development teams, Brzoznowski has helped bring supply chain design into the corporate mainstream as a key business process and competitive weapon, and has positioned Llamasoft as the leading global supply chain design technology provider.

Dr. Nejat Karabakal, Vice President of Applied Research, LLamasoft.  Karabakal has pushed the boundaries of what can be modeled in strategic supply chain analysis, and his work has directly contributed to millions of dollars in cost savings and operational improvements for numerous global businesses.

Jeff Metersky, Vice President of Solutions Strategy, LLamasoft. To succeed, Metersky says, companies must understand how risk factors will influence future supply chain network performance, and how existing or foreseeable disruptions will affect current operations. They must have the ability to incorporate risk considerations into supply chain design and to develop contingency plans for quick response.

Mike Edenfield, President and CEO, Logility. Edenfield continues to invest in research and development to drive innovation and deliver new supply chain capabilities that will help Logility’s more than 1,250 customers in 76 countries reduce costs, improve product availability, increase visibility, and seize future opportunities.

Robert Camozzo, President, Logistix Solutions. Camozzo believes that supply chain modeling and optimization supports a company's strategy to improve the customer experience and hold the line on costs allowing corporate management the luxury to test out new ideas and strategies in the boardroom before being implemented in the field.

Kevin Kasiborski, Manager of Professional Services, NeoGrid. Nominator Best Buy says Kasiborski is “quick to respond to issues and always ensure a high level of service. He is open to new ideas and suggestions and works with us to provide vendors with accurate and up-to-date data with reporting.”

Doug Kimball, Director, Market Development, NeoGrid. Kimball believes that meeting consumer demands will require greater transparency and increasingly more value extracted from the technology available, including moving more processes to the cloud. The effective and prevalent use of technology and related services, and the willingness to really collaborate with partners, will be key to achieving success.

Grace Wang, Senior Supply Chain Consultant, NeoGrid. Wang says that the challenges today for many retailers and suppliers are aligning and understanding the data that’s exchanged internally and externally. It is crucial that data are aligned and accurate. This will alleviate many problems down the road.

Ranga Bodla, Director of Industry Marketing, Manufacturing & Wholesale Distribution, NetSuite. Bodla is constantly ahead of the latest trends in the industry and how they impact customers. Because of the nature of NetSuite’s customer base, Ranga works with innovative customers who are challenging the status quo in their respective industries.

Anand Raghavendran, President & CEO, Netwin Solutions/GTKonnect.  Throughout his 20-year career, he has acquired a deep knowledge and expertise in the field of global trade management. He believes that companies that see global trade compliance as a “cost saver” vs. a “cost spender” are able to better align their supply chains with their organization’s broader strategy and obtain greater success.

William Salter, CEO & President, Paragon Software Systems. Salter is committed to developing, implementing and supporting software solutions that meet real business needs. He believes that it is important not to lose site of the needs of the customer, who is becoming more discerning every day. In today's competitive climate they can afford to be.

Shelley Sherony, Director of Implementation and Support, Puridiom. Working with and understanding client needs gives Sherony the opportunity to contribute her expertise on proposed enhancements to the functionality of the existing enterprise software. She has daily contact with customers and suppliers in analyzing needs and assessing solutions.

Tom David, VP of Global Procurement, Riverwood Solutions. While he is regularly contracted as a consultant, when on an engagement he becomes a true member of his client's team with the same focus and drive to accomplish common goals. He openly shares his knowledge and network to make his client companies successful.

Christopher Monk, Managing Director, Protiviti. Monk says that supply chain must be able to understand and align the business strategy of the organization with the business strategies of its extended supply chain. This will help the business design and execute core business functions (planning, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, sales/order fulfilment) and facilitate its interaction with business partners.

Mike DelBovo, President, Saddle Creek Transportation. DelBovo guided his company’s industry-leading investment in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Initially seeking to identify ways to reduce cost, DelBovo began exploring alternative fuel vehicles in 2009. He determined that a CNG fleet could dramatically reduce the 3PL’s carbon emissions, stabilize fuel costs and reduce its reliance on foreign oil.

Mark Davis, SVP/COO, SafeSourcing. His experience in retail and in procurement has involved Davis with almost every aspect of the process from the actual purchasing all the way through the process to the Loss Prevention management of that process and monitoring companies whose employees are abusing the process.

Heather Powell, Manager of the Center of Excellence & Project Manager, SafeSourcing. Powell’s goal is to work with customers to recognize where the weakness are in their procurement organization and, through analytics, show their high-spend categories, and help them centralize their department, manage their supplier base, and minimize their spend through live interaction bid processes.

Ronald D. Southard, CEO, SafeSourcing. The company founder says the key challenge at most companies is to integrate the disparate functions and systems of the company into a seamless supply chain with global visibility that is timely and ties together the entire procure to pay process beginning at the strategy level.

Kevin Brady, President, Satellite Logistics Group. Brady recognized a very specific need in the brewing marketplace: keg management. Brady saw brewers struggling to get empty kegs returned to be refilled, a significant problem since kegs average $120 to $140 each. He developed Kegspediter, a reverse logistics service, to help brewers optimize asset usage, reduce shrinkage and meet market needs.

KR Karu, Industry Solution Director, Sparta Systems. With more 25 years of experience providing technology solutions to the global life sciences industry, Karu works closely with pharmaceutical companies to identify trends and meet challenges in the global regulatory and business climates. He also is a thought leader on best practices for compliance, managing a supplier network and mitigating risk.

John R. Haber, President & CEO, Spend Management Experts. Haber has been instrumental in helping organizations in numerous industries realize fast, measurable and sustainable savings throughout their entire supply chain. He has developed best practices with a Transportation Optimization Model that hinges on the core concept of attaining visibility, the first step in maximizing transportation efficiency.

Kirk Jacquay, Vice President, Operations, Stericycle StrongPak. In addition to his leadership expertise, Jacquay was also instrumental in the inception of two unique supply chain businesses—a transportation buying cooperative with more than 200,000 members and a hazardous waste service that is now the largest collector of retail sector hazardous waste in the United States.

Stuart Sutton, President and Founder, Sylectus. Sutton successfully created an innovative approach to bringing a fragmented, highly competitive, trucking industry together through collaboration and technology. He says that supply and demand dictates everyday business operations for the majority of the trucking industry—supply means trucks and drivers, demand means good-paying freight. In a perfect world, supply and demand would exist harmoniously.

Joey Benadretti, President, SYSPRO USA. Benadretti has placed emphasis on the continuing development of SYSPRO Enterprise Resource Planning software to enable mid-market food manufacturers and distributors to enable organizations to standardize processes, uncover untapped efficiencies, reduce costs, enable ‘green’ practices and provide visibility to managers to aid in informed decision making.

Robert Byrne, CEO, Terra Technology. As CEO and co-founder of Terra Technology, Byrne has worked with some of the world’s largest manufacturers, including Shell, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Mondelez International, Kimberly-Clark and AkzoNobel. In 2002, Terra created the first demand sensing solution.

Rick Morris, CEO, Thrive Technologies. One of his customers says, “Rick is always extremely responsive to clients, whether their issues are big or small. He is someone I have done business with and have relied on; and I would work with him again or recommend him to anyone whose company needs help managing their demand and supply.”

Jay Moss, Senior VP, Brokerage, Transplace. One major initiative under Moss’ leadership has been integrating multiple brokerage business units under one management team. Each unit now uses the same technology, accounting rules and carrier bases allowing for more streamlined business processes. As part of this initiative he has worked to better integrate pricing and carrier relations.

Jim Taylor, VP of Information Technology, Transportation Insight. Taylor developed Insight Fusion, Transportation Insight’s business intelligence portal that brings companies closer to the relevant numbers of their supply chains. It allows users to measure, manage and optimize their supply chains from a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

John Hutchinson, President & CEO, Vinimaya, Inc. Vinimaya has nearly doubled in revenue and grown to over 70 people worldwide. Hutchinson has overseen the introduction of multiple new innovative products, including Vinimaya’s first technology patent. Vinimaya is now globally deployed across 80 different countries and 37 currencies, supporting both public and private-sector clients.


Practitioner Pros to Know

Steve Golich, President, Celtic International. Under Golich, Celtic has shifted its focus of top line growth through bids and rate compression to a more gradual, yet sustainable, growth pace based on excellent service. Sustaining its core base of customers and expanding wallet share through service improvements, new services and capacity creation through intense equipment management is paramount, he says.

Jon Kirkegaard, President, DCRA, Inc. Since 2001 Kirkegaard has focused on S&OP based business solutions for globally outsourced supply chains. DCRA’s patented S&OP technology and insight into global transport process has created dramatic and rapid improvements for clients’ working capital, cash flow and customer service metrics. Kirkegaard has proactively worked to educate on S&OP and has made complete technology solutions available for less than $1,000 at


Team Pros to Know

American Global Logistics, Team Leader: Chad Rosenberg, President  & CEO. Under Rosenberg’s leadership, the AGL team provides logistics services to some of the biggest global sourcers in the U.S., including ocean and air transportation, customs brokerage and compliance consulting, purchase order management, carrier allocation management, warehousing, distribution, order fulfillment, cloud-based track & trace capabilities, and TMS.

Global 4PL. Team Leader: Sergio Retamal, CEO. Team members: Robert Santos, Tim Andrews, Jonathan Cook and Jose Antonio Vergara. The team has implemented a suite of tools for Mid-Size & Smaller companies so they can compete with larger companies. Smaller and Large companies can access SaaS tools and Solutions for companies to reduce / eliminate their lack of competitiveness against larger companies.


Other Provider Pros

Brian Ehlenberg, 4SIGHT Supply Chain Group

Mark Tuskey, 4SIGHT Supply Chain Group

Joe E. Couto, Sr., Accellos

John DiPalo, Acsis

Phil Marlowe, Acuitive Solutions

Trevor Read, Agistix

Christopher Dwyer, Ardent Partners

Lynn Torrel, Avnet

Ilari Nurmi, Basware

Mike Ross, Baxter Planning Systems

Marc Kalman, BizSlate

Kelly Barner, Buyers Meeting Point

Nicholas Couture, C3 Solutions

Joel Clum, CarrierDirect

Jett McCandless CarrierDirect

Thomas L. Tanel, CATTAN Services Group

Heather Cox, Certify My Company

Robert Bacchi, Choice Logistics

Unni Vasudev, Corbus Logistics

Michael Hung, Core Solutions

David Clevenger, Corporate United

Andrea Morton, Corporate United

Ara Arslanian, Corporate United

Jeff Silver, Coyote Logistics

Michael Cirafesi, CSC Consulting, Inc.

Rick Burian, CVM Solutions

Susanne Wrage, Denali Sourcing Systems

Edward Ryan, Descartes Systems Group

Aaron Kless, Digital Lumens

William Gindlesperger, eLynxx

Joy McCaffrey, Eved

Talia Mashiach, Eved

Shariq Mansoor, FusionOps

Kirit Goyal, Gazelle Information Technologies

Volker Schulz, GENCO

James Hunt, GENCO

Biju Mohan, GEP

Rachelle Hall, GHX

Robert A. Rudzki, Greybeard Advisors

JB Dagley, GSCS, Inc.

Roger Layette, HICX

Douglas Markle, HICX

Don Rigdon, HighJump Software

Mike Pringle, IASTA

Jason Treida, IASTA

Chris Jasper, IASTA

Rory King, IHS

Laura Hodges, IHS

Scott Wilson, IHS

Michael Lyle, InfinityQS International

Brett H. Eiland, Insight Sourcing Group

Doug VanWingerden, Insight Sourcing Group

Brian Houpt, Insight Sourcing Group

Jeff Karrenbauer, INSIGHT, Inc.

Carrie Liptrot, Integration Point

Zoe Martinez, Integration Point

Kris Kay, Integration Point

Christopher Mazza, International Asset Systems

Douglas Braun, International Business Systems

Mike Verdeyen, International Business Systems

Scott Brown, International Business Systems

Natalia Yenatska, i-payout

Melissa Drew, ISoftstone, Inc.

John Freund, Jump Technologies

Tim Dupree, Kelly Outsourcing & Consulting Group

Kate Dyer, Kelly Outsourcing & Consulting Group

Barbara Lauer, Kelly Outsourcing & Consulting Group

Celeste Catano, Kewill

Charles (CJ) Wehlage, Kinaxis

Robert Martichenko, LeanCor Supply Chain Group

Chris Johnson, Lean Logistics

Eric Meister, Lean Logistics

Diego Pantoja-Navajas, LogFire

Arun Murugan, LogFire

Mark Millar, M Power Associates

Dave Bowen, MarketMaker4

John Sidell, New Course LLC

Charles Dominick, Next Level Purchasing Association

Fred Isenberg, NGC

Troy Graham, Oz Development

Andrew Alpert, Pace Harmon

Steven Kirz, Pace Harmon

Adam Cummins, Pace Harmon

Josh Green, Panjiva

Antonio Rodrigues, Pcdata

Matt Yearling, PINC Solutions

Adrien Sandrini, Precogs

Mike McDonald, Prime Advantage

Eugene Buckley, Protiviti

Rose Kelly-Falls, Rapid Ratings International

Shannon Vaillancourt, RateLinx

Jeff Sweetman, Rosslyn Analytics

Hugh Cox, Rosslyn Analytics

Charles Clark, Rosslyn Analytics

John Hayes, Seegrid

Thomas R. Willemain, Smart Software

Dave Brooks, Software AG

Sean Riley, Software AG

Kathleen Daly, Source One Management Services

Diego De la Garza, Source One Management Services

Jennifer Ulrich, Source One Management Services

Jack DeButts, Spinnaker

Jeff Jorgensen, Spinnaker

George Fowler, Spinnaker

Michelle Jones, Steelwedge

Andres Botero, Steelwedge

Danny Smith, Steelwedge

Omer Abdullah, The Smart Cube

Michael Shaw, The Sourcing Source

Kelly Reed, Tompkins International

Mark Usher, Treya Partners

Rahul Ahuja, Treya Partners

Sherry R. Gordon, Value Chain Group

Rudi Lueg, W&H Systems



Other Practitioner and Team Pros to Know

Sean Smith, Agropur Ingredients

Nancy Jorgensen, Brunswick Corp.

Randal Hill, Carestream Health

Jacqueline E. Bailey, Cargill, Inc.

John O’connor, Cisco

Joanna L. Martinez, Cushman & Wakefield

John P. Willi, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Caryn Furtaw, David’s Bridal

Steve Schuman, dg3

James Gavin McCarthy, Equifax

Frank Hazeltine, Gartner Inc.

The team from Hennepin County Medical Center

Timothy J. Grabus, Hooker Furniture Corp.

Michael Butensky, Hudson’s Bay Co.

Keary McNew, Lily Pulitzer

Greg Ecker, Magline, Inc.

John Grasso, Matco-Norca

Susan Avery, My Purchasing Center

Robert McAdoo, Parker Hannifin

The team from PassageMaker

Dave Magness, Red Wing Shoe Co.

Steve Martin, Ryder System

Tommy Skinner, Shift Freight

Mary Lewis, Sprint

Tim Floyd, Trilogiq

David O’Leary, UPS

Shekar Natarajan, The Walt Disney Co.