Volvo Finds Asset Mate

MRO Software to help Sweden factory increase output by over 50% within next two years

TORSLANDA, Sweden  February 14, 2002  MRO Software, a provider of e-business solutions for asset-intensive companies and Volvo Car Corporation, yesterday at a joint media event in Torslanda, Sweden, revealed Volvo Cars' plans to expand production output more than 50 percent by 2004.  This core strategic business objective is being supported by MRO Software's Strategic MRO solution, MAXIMO.  The goal of the MAXIMO implementation is to enable Volvo Cars Torslanda to better manage its multi-million dollar investments in critical production equipment and machinery, thereby maximizing output, increasing revenue and reducing production line stoppages.

Volvo Cars' long-term strategy focuses on expanding output from its Torslanda plant to meet future customer demands and reduce costs without investing in new plants or substantially increasing the workforce.  Using MAXIMO, Volvo hopes to improve the management and lifespan of its critical production line assets for the complete family of Volvo cars, including the newest 4X4 model - the Volvo XC90.  In 2001, 136,700 cars rolled out of the Torslanda plant.  By 2004, Volvo expects that number to rise to more than 230,000. 

"It is vital that Volvo is able to efficiently increase output capacity to meet customer demand, while ensuring it continues to improve the quality and safety of all its vehicles," said Hakan Berndtsson, general maintenance manager at Volvo Cars Torslanda.  "MAXIMO is supporting this process, helping us to achieve our goal of a more than 50 percent increase in output by 2004, by enabling us to find new ways to create tangible value from production processes.  Volvo will now be able to extend the life of its business-critical machinery and better manage its inventory to reduce costs.  Within the next two years, Volvo expects to see a significant return on investment as MAXIMO supports the organization in realizing our goal of increased output."

"We are delighted to be working in close partnership with Volvo on a project critical to the Company's core business," commented Chip Drapeau, president and CEO of MRO Software.  "By placing MAXIMO at the heart of its business, Volvo will be able to significantly increase value from capital investments, and increase productivity and reduce costs associated with business-critical machinery."