Turkey Aims to be Global Logistics Power with New Canal

Turkey breaks ground on the first bridge of its new Canal Istanbul, which the country believes will propel it to become an important part of global trade.

Istanbul Canal
Istanbul Canal

While the world experiences numerous port and canal issues, like the Suez Canal blockage and the Port Yantian congestion, Turkey looks to become a global logistics power with a new canal in Istanbul. Turkey's minister of transport says that Canal Istanbul will employee more than 500,000 people and contribute $28 billion to the economy. Ground broke during a special ceremony on June 26 for the first bridge of the canal. 

Per PR Newswire

  • The Canal Istanbul, where 204 scientists take part in the engineering work, will fulfil an important task in highlighting the Istanbul Valley, which is at the crossroads of the world, and in establishing a logistics base, technology development and living centre in Turkey by creating a sustainable new generation city.
  • The Canal Istanbul, which is Turkey's vision project in every aspect to protect the historical and cultural texture of the Bosphorus, to reduce the load caused by maritime traffic and to ensure traffic safety, will be put into the service of the country as an alternative waterway in Marmara, the locomotive of the Eurasian region.