Estes Truckload Management Provides Private Fleet Capacity in Kuebix

Kuebix has added FleetMAX to its Community Load Match service.

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Kuebix has added FleetMAX to its Community Load Match service. FleetMAX is a Kuebix integrated platform that exposes private and dedicated fleets open capacity to brokers and Kuebix TMS shippers. These fleets are managed through Estes Truckload Management, providing Kuebix users access to more than 10,000 fleets through one of the most trusted companies in the industry.

“Although a large percentage of private fleets often run empty, this capacity has not been easily accessible to shippers, until now,” says Dan Clark, founder and President of Kuebix. “The addition of FleetMAX to Community Load Match through Estes Truckload Management increases the available spot quote options, allowing shippers to cover all truckloads with a cost effective and reliable carrier.”

Users looking for truckload capacity can compare spot quotes in Community Load Match from a vast network of providers. With the addition of Estes Truckload Management to Community Load Match, Kuebix shippers will gain access to FleetMAX's network of private fleets and settlement management. 

“The combination of Kuebix and Estes Truckload Management has created a win-win by allowing private fleets to fill empty miles and shippers to gain a new source of truckload capacity,” comments Bobby Speight, corporate Vice President, Estes Level2 Logistics, and general manager, Estes Truckload Management LLC.

To use the platform, shippers will enter the specifics of their truckload shipment in Kuebix TMS and post it to Community Load Match. In just minutes, shippers will begin receiving truckload rates, including private fleet spot quotes from Estes Truckload Management. Shippers retain control with Kuebix by choosing the best provider for every shipment. Once a service provider is selected, shipments can be tendered and tracked within the TMS. 

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