GPS Helps Transporter Double Fleet Efficiency

Sunrise Transport Group uses NexTraq Solution to locate trucks and improve communications

Atlanta—Aug. 29, 2013—NexTraq, a GPS fleet tracking and asset management company, announced that its client, Sunrise Transport Group Inc., was able to simplify its processes while improving communication between the office and field with the NexTraq GPS Fleet Tracking solution.

Since implementing the NexTraq solution, Sunrise Transport Group Inc. has increased fleet efficiency by 100 percent. Santana said, “Before implementing the NexTraq solution, we were using cell phones to communicate with our drivers. Now, I can send the drivers messages without having to text them their information. It saves us a lot of time.”

Susan Santana, Operations Manager for Sunrise, says that the ability to locate vehicles quickly has made it easier to help the drivers get back on route if they get lost. She said, “When our drivers don’t know where they are, I can quickly pull up their location and send directions to help guide them.”

Additionally, the NexTraq Fleet Tracking solution has helped Santana to monitor vehicle activity and ensure drivers are staying on schedule. Santana said, “I can see how long a truck has been stopped at a specific location. If a truck has been sitting for an unusual period of time, I can contact the driver and ask what’s going on.”

With the IFTA Fuel Tax Report, Santana has been able to streamline the process for recording IFTA miles. Santana said, “I love the fact that all miles are recorded for IFTA and I can just print them out. No more waiting for the drivers to turn in their miles.” She adds, “Being able to automate this process has saved me time and headaches.”

Mike Scarbrough, CEO of NexTraq, said, “We wanted to make it easier for our OTR customers to keep track of the information needed for IFTA reports, which is why we designed an automated IFTA Fuel Tax Report. Instead of our customers having to rely on their drivers to document their miles each day, they can just pull up the report. It gives our customers peace of mind knowing that the mileage information they are using is accurate.”

Santana concludes, “NexTraq has a great product. Implementation didn’t take long at all, and I was impressed with how easy the training process was. It has been a great experience so far.” Sunrise Transport Group Inc. plans to utilize more of the features and functionality within the application in the near future.

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