Ryder Announces New Transportation Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry

Customized solutions drive efficiencies and streamline operations

Miami—Aug. 12, 2013—Ryder System, Inc, a provider of transportation and supply chain management solutions is introducing new transportation and logistics solutions for the oil and gas industry, including customized dedicated fleets, transportation management, and fleet leasing and rentalservices. Through these specialized services, Ryder is providing better ways for customers to transport equipment to job sites, improve visibility throughout the supply chain, and maximize up-time and transportation solutions that safely move oilfield and offshore shipments from one location to another.

Key benefits to customers, such as producers, suppliers, drillers, and service providers include: millions of dollars in premium shipments cost avoidance (per year), up to a 30 percent reduction in fleet equipment, up to 50 percent fewer pickup and delivery delays, and up to a 20 percent increase in load efficiency.  

Ryder Dedicated is a turnkey solution that provides new ways to be nimble, run lean and stay safe by combining company drivers, vehicles, maintenance, routing, scheduling, management, and administrative support.  It is especially optimal for companies in the oil and gas industry, which have specialized equipment and product handling needs.  To complement the dedicated solution, Ryder also offers a transactional Flatbed Carrier Service for oil and gas companies.  This specialized service operates in major oil and gas lanes throughout Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma and helps ensure that customer materials can be moved into position quickly and without incident.  Both Ryder Dedicated and Flatbed Carrier Services enable customers to access Ryder’s fleet of well-maintained vehicles and 24-hour roadside assistance to improve uptime and keep shipments on schedule.  Customers also benefit from Ryder’s outstanding driver safety and compliance expertise. 

Oil and gas companies that take advantage of Ryder’s Transportation Management solution leverage the company’s $4 billion a year in common carrier spend to reduce transportation costs while obtaining the highest quality service.  On-site Ryder management and logistic engineers work with our customers to continuously improve the solution as well as engage key stakeholders in the process. Transportation Management takes care of the planning, procurement, execution, and management of transportation networks.  As part of this offering, Ryder arranges multi-modal, domestic and international transportation, including rate and service negotiation and contract management.  Ryder also handles the auditing, processing and payment of carrier freight bills.  

Additionally, Ryder provides fleet management solutions for the oil and gas business that include: rugged vehicles available for lease or rent with customized specifications designed for the harsh environments of oil and gas trucking; standardized preventive maintenance services performed at more than 800 service locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, and mobile maintenance services including 24-hour roadside assistance; the ability to relocate equipment around the company’s national network of service facilities; short-term vehicle rental to handle peak volumes and special projects; fleet and driver safety and compliance services; and insurance coverage and financing options.

“Companies that drill for oil and gas are facing significant transportation challenges due to the increase in road transportation requirements with the expanding natural gas industry in the U.S.,” said Senior Vice President of Ryder Dedicated, John Sonia.  “We can put our safety and maintenance practices, skilled professional drivers, logistics engineering expertise, and unmatched transportation buying power to work for oil and gas businesses looking to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and improve safety and service in their operations.”

For more information, visit http://www.ryder.com/supply-chain/solutions-by-industry/energy-and-utilities/oil-and-gas.aspx.