Text-Integrated Solution for Managing Residential Deliveries

Carrier Logistics announces its Residential Delivery Automation System: Appointment Automation.

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Carrier Logistics Inc. (CLI) announces its Residential Delivery Automation System: Appointment Automation. LTL carriers can enable the text-integrated solution in their CLI FACTS software to manage final mile delivery operations more efficiently and effectively.

“With our Appointment Automation, LTL carriers can eliminate the complications that come with making residential deliveries, where scheduling drop-off times has become a moving target, the size of the truck is sometimes restricted, and communication with the consignee is difficult,” says Ben Wiesen, president of CLI. “This text-integrated solution lets your dispatch team manage residential deliveries for shippers and consignees in a customer-centric, seamless and no-hassle way.”

Key Takeaways:

  • The CLI Appointment Automation addresses the growing number of LTL deliveries that are now scheduled at residential locations. The system, which will be included in upgrades of the FACTS software, provides:
    • Automated Scheduling: FACTS takes the hassle out of delivery scheduling by automatically sending e-mail and text messages to final-mile customers. These messages prompt recipients to select their preferred delivery time via a user-friendly mobile interface.
    • Appointment Confirmation: When customers confirm their delivery appointment, the system automatically creates the appointment in FACTS, schedules the delivery in the delivery optimizer, and provides visibility to the original shipper.
    • Reminders: FACTS automatically sends reminders to confirm customers don’t forget about their scheduled delivery times.
    • Real-time Status Updates: Enrolled customers enjoy real-time updates on the status of their freight, from being out for delivery, to ETA updates, and finally delivered, enhancing overall communication and experience.