Despite Rise in COVID-19 Delta Variant, Air Cargo Resumes

New concerns arise as the numbers of COVID-19 cases and the Delta variant rises. But many air cargo flights to China resume.

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Cathay Pacific Airways

The increasing number of COVID-19 and the Delta variant worry many, scared of another potential shut down. However, air cargo flights to and from China start to resume, after they were halted during the first wave of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). On Aug. 2, Cathay Pacific Airways started its route to Pittsburgh, Penn. again with twice weekly flights. 

Per PR Newswire

  • Cathay Pacific starts service on Aug. 2, 2021, with its Boeing 777-300ER passenger planes that have been converted for cargo, with plans to serve PIT through the end of the year. Planes will arrive on Mondays and Fridays and depart the next day. Cargo onboard the aircraft is for the garment industry.
  • The aircraft will start their flights from Hanoi, Vietnam, stopping at Cathay Pacific’s Cargo Terminal at Hong Kong International Airport before flying nonstop to PIT. PIT’s ability to quickly unload cargo and get it on trucks for delivery is one of the reasons Cathay Pacific and freight forwarder partner Unique Logistics chose to return for their latest cargo venture.