Ranpak Aims to Make Sustainable Packaging Faster, More Protective

Ranpak is launching its next generation cushioning solution for sustainable packaging, which reduces packaging times and protects light to heavy goods during shipping.

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Ranpak Holdings Corp. announced the North American launch of PadPak Guardian, the company’s next generation cushioning solution.

PadPak Guardian is a sustainable, paper-based, flexible and ergonomic cushioning solution that reduces packaging time and protects light to heavy goods during shipment. PadPak Guardian is differentiated from other solutions in the market by the ability to convert both single and double-ply paper bundles, offering businesses greater versatility from one machine and providing a high performance, sustainable alternative to plastic and foam cushioning. The technology produces pads that cushion both light and heavy items, including electronics, cosmetics, fragile breakables and industrial parts. From automotive to e-commerce, PadPak Guardian is suited to almost any packaging environment thanks to its ability to produce pads that offer strength or flexibility, depending upon what’s required.

Featuring the same high performance with an increased loft in the pad and more yield per foot, PadPak Guardian can produce 48 inches of pad per second with no manual cutting or tearing, delivering time, labor and cost savings to Ranpak’s customers. The small machine footprint, easy to maneuver bundles and touch screen control box allows users to position almost anywhere on the packaging line and deliver pads directly where needed. 

“PadPak Guardian is Ranpak’s latest innovation we are bringing to market to drive our mission of delivering sustainable packaging solutions that improve supply chain performance and costs, reduce environmental impact, and support our customers’ growing business needs,” said Omar Asali, CEO of Ranpak. “We’re excited to introduce this technology to our North American customers to further increase their speed and performance, while enabling the shift towards environmentally friendly packaging in support of our commitment to deliver a better world.”

Ranpak’s paper-based packaging is 100% curbside recyclable, compostable and biodegradable, using paper that is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and Sustainable Forestry Initiative.