Leonard’s Express Targets Fuel Savings With Vnomics

Vnomics Corp. announced that Leonard’s Express is targeting fuel savings with Vnomics True Fuel.

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Vnomics Corp. announced that Leonard’s Express is targeting fuel savings with Vnomics True Fuel. 

“Our team worked with Vnomics to develop a tailored plan to achieve our fuel savings goals,” said Ken Johnson, CEO of Leonard’s Express. “Based on the successful pilot of True Fuel, we expect to achieve 3% annual fleet fuel savings. One thing that stood out about the evaluation of True Fuel is that it shows us the fuel savings opportunity and what we have saved right on the system. True Fuel delivered the data we needed easily while our telematics system could not.”

Leonard’s Express made the decision to purchase True Fuel to help manage and reduce fuel expense among different operations in their growing fleet. The user feedback from the drivers to the fleet management team has been very positive.   “We got to see first-hand how easy it was to deploy and we could monitor the savings on the customer portal,” added Johnson. “We are confident in our purchase of True Fuel and partnership with Vnomics.”

Leonard’s Express is well known for providing the highest quality service and being at the forefront of using technology, and its dedication to achieving those goals every day is apparent from its senior management to its drivers,” said Robert Peckham, director of business development at Vnomics. “Leonard’s Express immediately understood the value of True Fuel – from the significant fuel savings to the valuable data – and they quickly realized that they could count on our technology to give them the critical information necessary to make business decisions and deliver expected savings.”