Demystifying Supplier Intelligence Data

A quick start-up guide to data-backed decision-making for supply chain leaders.

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Supply chain executives have a dizzying amount to manage today.

They’ve got to shift their focus daily, sometimes even minute-to-minute, from immediate crises to planning for a future free of them. Whether it’s delays and disruption or regulatory requirements and risk mitigation, data provides an answer for every question that arises. Data affects every step of the supply chain.     

To have the most value, data must be managed for alignment with your goals, systems, and processes; collected, prepared, and stored from the beginning to maximize its usefulness; and, most importantly, accessible to stakeholders who could benefit from its insights — consistent of course with your data access control policy or the principle of least privilege.

This eBook takes you through the steps needed to make your supply chain data actionable now. 

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