Meet Me in the Middle

Buy-side and sell-side meet with Ironside and RightWorks alliance

PLEASANTON, CA and SAN JOSE, CA  PRNewswire  January 8, 2001  In the B2B frenzy, companies are moving rapidly to automate their supply chains, and there are more than enough buy-side applications for them to choose from. But in the race to get off the manual starting line, industry experts are left wondering if suppliers have been left in the dust. Supplier integration is the new wave in B2B, and RightWorks and Ironside took notice.

RightWorks Corporation, an e-business application provider for e-procurement, recently made an alliance with Ironside Technologies, a supplier of sell-side B2B e-commerce solutions for the manufacturing and distribution markets, to integrate Ironworks and the Ironside Network with their e-procurement and e-marketplace solutions.

As a result of the alliance, RightWorks aims to leverage Ironside's backend supplier integration in order to provide buyers with up to date business-critical information, including real-time available-to-promise data and market-specific pricing. This means that buyers transacting via a RightWorks platform access only real-time supplier information, streamlining the purchase process and supporting informed decision making.

The partnership between RightWorks and Ironside demonstrates a mutual commitment to providing suppliers with an unmatched number of enablement options and buyers with access to real-time product information, said Doug Sallen, senior vice president of business development at RightWorks. This second-generation approach to supplier enablement and content management delivers the value of a truly integrated supply chain.

Indeed, the level of supplier integration created by the RightWorks / Ironside alliance will help sustain efficient online trading activity through private, public and consortia-based e-marketplaces. It will also enable business suppliers to establish their own private trading networks, leveraging Ironside's enterprise integration capabilities and RightWorks' e-marketplace tools.

Integrating into RightWorks' platforms further advances Ironside's commitment to connecting suppliers with buyers through virtually any point of entry, said Kang Lu, Ironside vice president of product development. With an impressive track-record powering some of the most technically advanced e-marketplaces, RightWorks represents an important component of Ironside's comprehensive e-commerce integration capabilities.