One Million Automated Procure-to-Pay Transactions per Month

Nipendo’s milestone represents a 300 percent growth due to rapid adoption by buyer and supplier organizations in just two years

Burlington, Mass.Feb. 3, 2013Nipendo announced a new milestone marking the rapid adoption of the company’s Supplier Cloud platform by buyer and supplier organizations, exceeding one million automated procure-to-pay transactions per month.

With streamlined onboarding and a range of free to low-cost supplier connectivity options, buyer organizations working with Nipendo are reaching industry-best supplier adoption rates. By automating the entire procure-to-pay cycle through the Nipendo platform, more than 90 percent of all transactions are processed straight through to the buyer’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) system without any manual intervention.

Nipendo is making an impact in the procure-to-pay (P2P) marketplace by focusing on a number of key elements that have plagued the market to date. These include the automation of P2P process across buyer and supplier systems, interoperability with existing infrastructure, and removing the barriers to supplier adoption,” said Henry Ijams, managing director of PayStream Advisors.

“By electronically receiving and processing over 90 percent of our supplier invoices, we are putting to practice the idea of the paperless organization,” said Gabi Ben-Shlush, head of accounting at Israel Aerospace Industries. The company and its 3,500 suppliers use Nipendo Supplier Cloud to automate the entire procure-to-pay process, from request for proposals (RFPs) through purchase orders and invoices to payment confirmations.

"This is a true revolution which allows us to improve collaboration with our suppliers, establish efficient and cost-effective supply chain integration, and most importantly, dramatically reduce errors that were caused due to manual interactions along the supply chain,” added Ben-Shlush.

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