UPS Launches Shipment and Risk Management Solution

UPS Proactive Response Secure combines shipment monitoring and risk management solutions to mitigate product spoilage and revenue loss

AtlantaJune 26, 2013UPS launched UPS Proactive Response Secure, a proactive shipment monitoring and risk management solution to protect customers against lost profits. The new service helps ensure time-and temperature-sensitive shipments reach their destinations and guarantees up to the retail value, in addition to other costs, when unexpected events occur-including weather delays.

“This is the highest level of service we offer. By leveraging our proprietary technology, UPS can identify shipments that will be impacted by a delay,” said Bill Hook, Vice President of UPS Global Healthcare Strategy. “With the addition of UPS Proactive Response Secure, we are giving customers an additional solution only available through UPS.”

UPS Proactive Response Secure expands UPS's industry-leading solutions for healthcare companies designed to prevent delays of time- and temperature-sensitive shipments with round-the-clock, 24/7 proactive monitoring and intervention services. Nearly 15 million packages were shipped using UPS Proactive Response in 2012. The complete solution leverages proactive technology to provide continuous visibility into potential delivery disruptions in near real time to ensure successful product delivery.

UPS further enhances its risk-management solutions to meet the growing global demand with its recent developments including:

  • Its expanded UPS Proactive Response service into Europe
  • Its added Next Flight Out services from UPS Express Critical to provide another option for fast, convenient expedited delivery
  • Its expanded dry ice replenishment and refrigeration to select destination locations through the entire shipment's journey
  • Its expanded UPS Proactive Response control towers in Europe and Asia


The Proactive Response Secure service is optimal for healthcare shipments, including specialty pharmaceuticals, biologics, diagnostic specimens, implantable surgical materials and clinical trial shipments. It also is effective in other industries with high-value shipments or time- or temperature-sensitive needs.

UPS Proactive Response Secure is available throughout the U.S., in Puerto Rico and for outbound shipments to the European Union. The complete coverage, end-to-end visibility service, also covers damaged or delayed shipments and expedited delivery costs.

Note: EU countries serviced as part of UPS Proactive Response Secure include Austria; Belgium; France; Germany; Ireland; Italy; Luxemburg; Netherlands; Portugal; Spain; Switzerland; and the United Kingdom.

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