Data2Logistics Appoints Leif Holm-Andersen

Industry veteran to lead Professional Services Group for supply chain information and technology company

Fort Myers, Fla.Oct. 1, 2012—Global supply chain information and technology company Data2Logistics appointed Leif Holm-Andersen as Executive Director of its Professional Services Group. The group’s focus is to drive cost out of the supply chain by partnering with clients to identify and execute solutions.

“We don’t just deliver solutions—we execute and manage on a go-forward basis through key performance indicators to ensure our clients solutions are executed properly and stay on track,” said Holm-Andersen.

The group offers a full suite of services focused on optimizing clients’ supply chain. The program’s objective is to utilize Data2Logistics’ information, technology, subject matter expertise and knowledge of the marketplace to enhance transportation operations, improve service and reduce related expenses.

An industry veteran with over 20 years of supply chain experience, Holm-Andersen managed all modes of transportation globally and believes success in logistics is heavily dependent on the “data is knowledge” mantra.

“Managing with data and facts will produce the best results and drive cost out of the supply chain,” continued Holm-Andersen. “Data2Logistics recognizes and follows this practice and appointed me to run their Professional Services Group. Data2Logistics’ freight audit and pay business provides our clients with full visibility into their transportation spend. Our team utilizes this data to create dashboards helping clients to manage spend, providing a partnership to reduce costs through both procurement and process improvement opportunities.”

Data2Logistics’ services enhance organization’s logistics, supply chain, operations, finance and accounting processes to provide information needed to control costs for all modes of transportation—both domestically and internationally—via LTL, TL, parcel, overnight express, ocean, air and rail carriers.

“We’re fortunate to add Leif to our team—his vast hands-on supply chain development, management and optimization experience provides credence to his strategic advice,” said Harold B. Friedman, Senior Vice President of Global Corporate Development, Data2Logistics. “He’s lived the supply chain management experience domestically and globally from both a carrier and shipper perspective; he knows the questions to ask to eliminate excessive costs.”