LaSalle Capital Affiliates Acquire Savi Technology

Acquisition enables logistics informatics solutions to pursue global opportunities

Alexandria, Va.—Sept. 24, 2012— Affiliates of LaSalle Capital acquired logistics informatics solution provider Savi Technology. The acquisition reflects the strong market for logistics informatics solutions worldwide and will allow Savi to pursue global opportunities aligned to its products, solutions and services.

Savi Technology has been at the forefront of innovation in logistics and supply chain for 23 years,” said Charles Meyer, President of LaSalle Capital. “We look forward to working with management in accelerating growth and expanding Savi’s opportunities and offerings to support its important customers as an independent business.”

A rapidly emerging technology market, logistics informatics is focused on the location, security, physical condition and business status of physical objects as they move across geography or are utilized in a business process or transaction. Logistics informatics includes specialized hardware used to “tag” and “read” assets, software to consolidate data from readers, specialized applications such as warehouse management or cargo tracking systems and advanced reporting and analytic applications that improve enterprise decision making.

“Savi is continuing to support some of the world’s most complex supply chain and logistics requirements at an exciting time for our customers and our market,” said William Clark, President and Chief Executive Officer, Savi Technology. “We look forward to working with LaSalle Capital and to continuing our history of innovation with Savi’s state of the art logistics informatics platform. We are in the final stages of completing several new solutions that we expect to be introducing in the near future.”

Savi’s solutions currently power several of the world’s most demanding supply chains. Additionally, Savi helps reduce costly equipment delays, streamline processes and optimize inventory when testing nuclear, biological and chemical agents at a military site equal the size of Rhode Island. It tracks more than five million returnable assets and the accurate accounting and billing for a major international supermarket chain; and helps countries in Africa realize hundreds of millions of dollars in lost customs revenue and stolen goods (including humanitarian relief supplies) through improved cargo tracking.

Savi Technology has been a pioneer in the application of sense and respond technologies to the complex challenges of distributed, global and mission-critical supply chain logistics,” said Michael Fauscette, Vice President, Software Business Solutions Group, for IDC, a global provider of marketing intelligence and advisory services for the IT industry. “Savi helped military and commercial organizations alike utilize more effective asset tracking and management to contain operating costs, improve logistics performance and to foster better decision making through real-time, fact-based information.”