Kinnerton Confectionery Selects Aras Enterprise PLM

Sweet shop drives productivity, improves efficiency and optimizes new product development with Aras PLM

Andover, Mass.July 10, 2012—Kinnerton Confectionery, an independent manufacturer of chocolate and novelty confectionery, selected Aras’ enterprise Product Lifecycle Managament (PLM) solution to drive productivity, improve efficiency and optimize product development.

“We were looking for a solution that would streamline our new product development process and enable us to release new products into production on time,” explained Matthew Davies, Program Manager at Kinnerton. “We also needed to move away from a multitude of documents to a single accurate source of product information and we wanted to be able to track the status of projects and deliverables against defined processes.”

Kinnerton Confectionery specializes in character merchandising and produces private label and novelty confectionery for Britain’s largest retailers as well as many famous brands.

Aras Innovator is the platform that enables us to meet these objectives,” continued Davies. “The technology is very flexible and does not require large investment in specialized technical resources to deploy. I had previously associated PLM systems with engineering-based industries but we have found that PLM is highly appropriate to any CPG (consumer packaged goods) and Food and Beverage companies that are engaged in product development.”

The Aras PLM solution suite will support Kinnerton’s large and diverse product portfolio through their Concept to Launch Process, workflow and process management and product costing.

“Like many food and beverage companies, Kinnerton must manage very complex custom processes and short seasonal product cycles while maintaining extremely stringent health, regulatory and compliance requirements,” said Peter Schroer, President of Aras.Aras’s unique combination of advanced functionality and highly flexible, easy to use technology provides Kinnerton and companies like it with a strategic competitive advantage in a highly competitive market.”