Integrating Hotel Payment Data with a Corporate Expense Management System at JohnsonDiversey

Cleaning supplies company uses solutions from MasterCard, Outtask and GE's Corporate Payment Services to capture and process hotel folio data

Cleaning supplies company uses solutions from MasterCard, Outtask and GE's Corporate Payment Services to capture and process hotel folio data

Purchase, NY — October 21, 2004 — JohnsonDiversey, a provider of cleaning and hygiene solutions, has become the first company to use solutions and services from MasterCard International, Outtask and GE's Corporate Payment Services unit to integrate hotel payment data with its corporate expense management system.

Based in Sturtevant, Wis., JohnsonDiversey serves the institutional and industrial marketplaces with operations in more than 60 countries. The company had about 13,000 employees at the end of last year, and it brought in 2003 revenues of $2.9 billion.

The company is using MasterCard ExpenSys and Vinnet, Outtask's expense management software. By capturing hotel folio data, JohnsonDiversey will be able to electronically view and track enhanced expense data every time its business travelers use MasterCard corporate payment cards and stay at any of the more than 5,000 properties operated by various hotel brands that include Choice Hotels International and Carlson Hotels Worldwide.

Through MasterCard ExpenSys, JohnsonDiversey is provided with hotel folio data, including telephone, room service and business center charges. The data is then "pre-populated" by category into the company's Vinnet expense management system. The pre-population and categorization of this detailed data provides JohnsonDiversey with greater visibility and control over corporate spending, while easing the burden on employees who previously were required to manually breakout and input each line item of hotel data.

According to the solution providers involved, with this integrated solution in place, JohnsonDiversey has the ability to more effectively track and manage corporate travel spending, reducing costs and improving efficiencies for the company. In addition, the solution enables JohnsonDiversey employees to save significant time, as hotel payment data is automatically integrated into the company's Outtask expense management system.

"Discretionary expenses are the second most controllable expense category for corporations like ours," said Brenda Jackson, accounts payable analyst of non-inventory payables for JohnsonDiversey. "This extraordinary level of detail we get by using the MasterCard Corporate Card in conjunction with GE and Outtask provides us with a real advantage in managing our costs. We are gaining greater control over general business expenses, improving policy and expense reporting accuracy, enhancing fraud prevention, and creating a more efficient process for our employees."

GE's Corporate Payment Services is the issuing bank for JohnsonDiversey's MasterCard Corporate Card program. MasterCard said its ExpenSys supports a range of expense management solutions for organizations both large and small, allowing companies to choose the right solution to fit their needs. Outtask, a MasterCard ExpenSys partner, provides the software that businesses need to capture and use this data, and it supplies an automated travel and expense (T&E) management system, too.

"This integration project has given us an incredible ability to manage and analyze payment data within our Outtask expense management solution," said Jackson. "Besides capturing critical payment data, we're now able to analyze and act on this information, which helps us to improve the overall position of JohnsonDiversey's finances."

"In the corporate travel segment, the ability to provide high-quality, detailed information for better travel management decisions has never been more important," said Jeffery R. Dye, president and CEO of Corporate Payment Services. "For our customers, every dollar counts, and that's why we've worked hard to be first to market with an interface to ExpenSys partners such as Outtask."

"The long awaited missing link in the Corporate T&E process has been the electronic capture and pre-population of detailed hotel folio data," said Tom DePasquale, president and CEO of Outtask, whose company today provides the software for corporations to effectively use this data. "This hotel data alone moves corporate enterprises several steps closer to a paperless travel and expense process."

"We are pleased to successfully integrate hotel folio data into the electronic T&E process," said Steve L. Abrams, senior vice president of MasterCard Corporate Payment Solutions. "Adding this highly detailed expense information to other Level III data captured further simplifies and streamlines the expense management process. Any company with the vision like JohnsonDiversey, that wishes to enhance its T&E tracking and management, will benefit from this solution."