New App for Enterprise Security Management

Collects, integrates data from disparate sources and presents information in a relevant format

Collects, integrates data from disparate sources and presents information in a relevant format

Herndon, VA  September 26, 2003  TruSecure Corp., a provider of risk management products and services, has launched Risk Commander, an enterprise software application that measures and visualizes risk reduction, and proves compliance with policies, standards and regulatory requirements.

In related news, TruSecure also unveiled a set of new product and services offerings for Intelligent Risk Management, including the TruSolutions product family and two service families, TruServ and TruAdvisor. Risk Commander is part of the TruSolutions product family for risk management.

"Security breaches cost U.S. companies billions of dollars each year," states Eric Ogren, senior analyst at the Yankee Group. "As the process of protecting organizations becomes increasingly complicated, companies need applications that improve the process of mitigating security risks for their enterprise. By gaining a better understanding of risk and the resources available to combat it, organizations can protect their assets more effectively."

TruSecure said its new Risk Commander provides a risk management dashboard that collects and integrates data from disparate sources, including vulnerability scanning tools, surveys, security device logs, and other corporate data. It then transforms that data into information that demonstrates enterprise risk reduction that can be measured against a set of customer-relevant policies, standards and regulations.

John Becker, CEO of TruSecure Corp., said, "Risk Commander is another way for our customers to mitigate the security risks inherent in business. It provides TruSecure customers with a means to track and measure compliance and ultimately a higher level of security."