Viacore Offers Rapid Trading Community Deployment

Pre-packaged, fixed-price services for community readiness, activation uses IBM WebSphere Business Integration Connect

Pre-packaged, fixed-price services for community readiness, activation uses IBM WebSphere Business Integration Connect

Irvine, CA — October 17, 2003 — Trading community integrator Viacore has debuted its Community KickStart solution, a set of pre-packaged, fixed-price services designed to enable, in as few as 90 days, community integration deployment when used in conjunction with IBM WebSphere Businesses Integration Connect.

Viacore said that Community KickStart is ideal for companies looking to get integrated trading communities up and running quickly.

"The Viacore Community KickStart can help accelerate the deployment of WebSphere Business Integration Connect communities by assessing how ready participants are to join an integrated community, testing a participant's connectivity capabilities and managing the activation process for participants," said Chris Gift, director of marketing for Viacore. "Our goal is to provide community builders with a pre-packaged baseline set of highly automated services that can help reduce the time and cost of implementing their B2B initiatives, while at the same time enable their initial set of trading partners to become fully functional participants in as few as 90 days."

The pre-packaged services are designed to rapidly "ready" and "activate" the initial, but critical set of trading partners needed to launch the community, according to Viacore. The provider says that these essential services leverage Viacore's experience and expertise in community planning, monitoring and management to streamline the fundamental building blocks necessary for creating a trading community. The Community KickStart services can enable a community builder to activate up to five participants conducting up to three application-to-application business processes each.

Using automated tools, Viacore conducts individual participant readiness audits, synthesizes the data into formal recommendations and provides the community builder with an assessment of each participant's readiness to join the trading community based on business and technical capabilities, along with a report of their estimated readiness schedule for each B2B process.

Viacore's "activate" services include automated and centralized project management for the community builder and participants. Its online tracking tool can streamline activation by walking participants through the process, e-mailing key milestone completions and providing the community builder with summary and detailed views of each participant's activation status, according to the provider. Viacore also tests system configuration and data creation for rapid and reliable activation.

"By providing WebSphere Business Integration Connect customers with Viacore's pre-packaged Community KickStart services, we've given them the essential services and counsel they need to get their initial trading partners up and running in a short amount of time," said Scott Cosby, manager for WebSphere Business Integration marketing at IBM.

The Viacore Community KickStart services are currently available through IBM.

This offering marks Viacore's first milestone in its recently announced agreement with IBM, under which Viacore's BusinessTone community integration services will be available through IBM in conjunction with IBM's WebSphere Business Integration Connect software.