SUBWAY Co-op Adopts Quality Management Solution

Restaurant chain's purchasing arm works with Instill to develop vendor management, quality app

Restaurant chain's purchasing arm works with Instill to develop vendor management, quality app

Redwood City, CA — October 17, 2003 — The purchasing co-op that handles supply chain duties for SUBWAY restaurants has signed an agreement for a new quality management solution from Instill.

Independent Purchasing Co-op (IPC) is owned by SUBWAY franchisees and provides purchasing and supply chain management services to the SUBWAY restaurant system, the largest restaurant chain in the North America. IPC's mission is to negotiate the lowest costs for purchased goods and services to ensure quality and improve the chain's competitiveness.

Instill said its new Quality Management solution is a Web-based application suite designed to ensure product quality and regulatory compliance by providing a central repository and trading partner visibility to the logging, tracking and resolving of franchisee complaints.

Instill developed Quality Management in conjunction with IPC to meet its specific needs. The solution can improve vendor management and quality by allowing for the scheduling, tracking and scoring site audits and product inspections, according to Instill. In addition, the solution includes historical trend analysis and supplier scorecards to assist the management of decision-making.

The Quality Management solution is based on a scalable workflow platform. IPC will begin using the site audit, product audit and complaint modules. Other modules ready for implementation include training and certification, equipment maintenance, document handling, and corrective action and preventive action (CAPA).

"We have always been dedicated to ensuring product quality and food safety to protect our brand and customers," said George Labelle, director of information systems at IPC. "This solution will enable our franchisees and trading partners to collaborate with SUBWAY corporate in delivering the highest possible quality products."

Jan Risi, president of IPC said: "Instill has already enabled significant savings throughout our supply chain for our franchisee community. We look forward to working with Instill to further improve quality management throughout our system."