Detecting RFID Issues Before the Implementation Begins

Acsis offers new service to identify, resolve potential challenges in radio frequency identification systems

Acsis offers new service to identify, resolve potential challenges in radio frequency identification systems

Marlton, NJ — November 4, 2003 — Acsis, a provider of supply chain and business process automation solutions for companies using SAP's enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, this week rolled out the newest component of its enterprise data collection solution, offering a service to help identify and resolve potential issues with radio frequency identification (RFID) implementations.

Building on its experience implementing a variety of RFID-based solutions to meet customers' diverse requirements, Acsis said it identified the need for a diagnostic tool to model, analyze, record and troubleshoot specific system challenges that limit RFID systems' performance prior to implementation.

The Acsis RFID Expert System is a combination of software and services intended to enable the diagnosis and resolution of product, shipping environment and integration issues associated with radio frequency identification (RFID) implementations.

The system includes an analytical software-based modeling tool developed to eliminate the guesswork involved in RFID implementations. It is a new component of the provider's RFID Readiness Program, which was launched earlier this year to provide a framework for evaluating the areas where RFID readiness applies: product, shipping environment and ERP.

By using 3-D visualization modeling techniques, Acsis said it could identify potential problem areas and develop solutions before companies spend precious human and financial resources deploying RFID.

Coinciding with the launch of the Expert System, Acsis has expanded its RFID Laboratory at the company's Marlton, N.J., headquarters. There, consultants and field engineers use the RFID Expert System to generate reports detailing issues such as the varying RF characteristics and physical attributes of product and environmental factors that need to be addressed in order to successfully integrate RFID.

Documented items to be delivered to companies include optimal RFID-reader and antenna configurations, RFID tagging and reading processes, and recommendations on business-process changes needed to optimize the performance of RFID installations.

Based on the recommendations of Acsis' consultants and reports generated by the RFID Expert System, Acsis offers a pilot implementation program.

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