New Benchmarking Forums From Expense Management Solutions

Corporate leaders to receive benchmarking, best practice data for real estate and administrative services

Corporate leaders to receive benchmarking, best practice data for real estate and administrative services

Southborough, MA — November 14, 2003 — Expense Management Solutions, a provider of advisory services for corporate service organizations, today announced its new Benchmarking Forums initiative, which the company said provides participants with real estate and administrative services benchmarking and best practice data.

Expense Management Solutions said its 2004-2006 Headquarters/Primary Site Management Benchmarking Forum would examine a number of building-specific accounts such as cleaning, utilities costs and security, as well as tenant-specific categories including cafeteria, mail room, and moves/adds/changes.

The Forum will be comprised of 12 to 15 corporate real estate (CRE) managers responsible for delivering facility and tenant services to 500,000 to 1,500,000 square-foot, single building or campus locations. Based on applications to date, Expense Management Solutions said the Forum participation would include a range of industries such as financial services, manufacturing, healthcare and high technology.

Expense Management Solutions said it would work with participants to:

  • collect costs, volumes, service levels, performance metrics and delivery models into an industry-standard total occupancy cost (TOC) model

  • measure actual TOC to comparables to determine variances

  • identify "next steps" to improve outcomes

  • provide independent, external research and advice on best practices to enhance company performance

"We formed the Headquarters/Primary Site Forum in response to client requests for real assessments and actionable data," said Michele Flynn, president of Expense Management Solutions. "CRE executives are faced with the unique challenges of providing a broad array of services in primary site or headquarter locations. While industry measures are available for basic facilities management operating expenses, valid, comparable data on the delivery of tenant services and comprehensive analysis of the drivers behind those costs are virtually impossible to find. We hope the Headquarter/Primary Site Forum will deliver this market intelligence by providing CREs with the perspective, insight and analyses to achieve the competitive edge in headquarter site management," continued Flynn.