Vitria Targets Business Process Fusion

Version 4.2 of BusinessWare integration platform adds support for transformation through integration of autonomous processes

Version 4.2 of BusinessWare integration platform adds support for transformation through integration of autonomous processes

Sunnyvale, CA — November 18, 2003 — Vitria, a provider of business process integration solutions, this week rolled out a new version of its business integration platform, Vitria:BusinessWare 4.2, adding support for the emerging area of business process fusion.

Defined as the transformation of business activities achieved by integrating previously autonomous business processes, business process fusion is intended to transform transactional processes in industries as diverse as healthcare, telecommunications, financial services and manufacturing.

According to Simon Hayward, an analyst with technology consultancy Gartner, "Business process fusion reflects a convergence of application architectures and platforms including portal framework, content management and collaboration support in addition to database, application server and integration broker."

Vitria said that BusinessWare accelerates the development and management of business process fusion while simultaneously lowering the cost and risk of delivering these complex solutions.

By expanding the scope of management visibility to business processes and their results beyond functional or application silos, version 4.2 enables evolution of processes as well as the creation and/or destruction of new processes in response to up-to-the-minute business events, the solution provider says. This leads to business process fusion and the creation of a real-time enterprise.

The solution provider said that version 4.2 improves upon the previous release by simplifying solution development with the introduction of the Application Framework, which consists of reusable tools, pre-built modules, extendable end-user interfaces and business collaboration frameworks. These elements accelerate the implementation of common integration services to be used across a variety of vertical and horizontal business processes, Vitria says.

With the introduction of cluster-based load balancing, improved manageability and performance, Vitria says that BusinessWare provides all the practical features needed to provide business process fusion solutions.

The new release also includes all the business process management (BPM) functionality seen in Vitria:BusinessWare 4 including graphical process modeling, direct execution, business process solution modeling and lifecycle management, real-time process monitoring and analysis, integrated human workflow and pervasive intelligence through rules.

Janet Topic, vice president of information technology at Vitria customer Trimac Corporation said that the new features in Vitria:BusinessWare 4.2 promise an accelerated integration process. "We are especially pleased to see the focus on reusability and rapid solutions development that the Application Framework and common integration services provide," Topic said. "This should help us to complete our new projects more quickly."