Business Growth Fund (BGF)

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Company Details

Independent company Business Growth Fund (BGF) established itself to help Britain’s growing smaller and medium sized businesses. Growth potential is the key criteria. BGF will invest between £2m and £10m per business in return for a minority equity stake and a seat on the board for a BGF director. BGF will provide long-term equity investment for those growing companies that today do not have access to this source of capital. As such BGF hopes to be a catalyst for growth among smaller UK companies.

With capital of up to £2.5 billion, BGF is backed by five of the UK’s main banking groups-Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds, RBS, and Standard Chartered; and is managed completely autonomously with an independent management team.BGF is one of a range of initiatives designed to forge a new relationship between the banking sector and UK businesses, and BGF works in close collaboration with the British Bankers’ Association as well as other key business organisations across the UK.

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