Revolutionizing Collaboration: The CMD and CMAFH Success Story with SourceDay

Discover how CMD and CMAFH transformed their partnership and streamlined operations, achieving unprecedented efficiency and accuracy with SourceDay.

*This content is sponsored by SourceDay*

Hear directly from this manufacturer about how they streamlined communications with 400 suppliers after working with SourceDay. One of those suppliers, CMAFH, shares gratitude for increased visibility and improved communications as follows: 

  • CMD had a full-time buyer dedicated to managing acknowledgements from the supplier by searching through emails and manually entering data into a spreadsheet
  • SourceDay provided a single source of truth for improved transparency that led to significantly reduced errors in POs
  • The supplier featured, CMAFH, adopted SourceDay technology quickly and as a result, got paid faster once simplified processes were implemented
  • SourceDay's Supplier Scorecard allowed CMD to measure each supplier's performance and to hold them accountable to deliver on time

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