Boom or Bust: E-Commerce Post-Holiday Shopper Results Revealed

Dive into the definitive post-holiday analysis to discover how online retail defied expectations, with exclusive insights and trends from the latest shopper survey.

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The Inmar Post-Holiday Survey Report unveils a surprising twist in the 2023 holiday shopping saga, challenging the gloomy forecasts set by economic uncertainties. With a notable 3.1% jump in total holiday retail sales and a 6.3% surge in online transactions, the report uncovers a resilient e-commerce sector thriving against odds. This comprehensive analysis delves into the behaviors and preferences shaping consumer habits, from the rise in digital-first shoppers to the nuanced dynamics of returns and sustainability concerns. Highlights include:

  • A significant shift towards online shopping, with 21% of respondents completing all holiday purchases digitally.
  • A nuanced perspective on returns, revealing a growing acceptance of returns-related fees, yet a substantial 31% would boycott retailers imposing such charges.

This report is an indispensable resource for understanding the evolving landscape of holiday shopping and crafting strategies that resonate with contemporary consumer expectations. Download the full report for an in-depth exploration of these trends and their implications for the future of retail. 

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