Global Multi-billion-dollar Consumer Goods company achieved 5X growth in 5 years through intelligent & robust Demand Planning

Learn how Infosys TradeEdge helped one of the largest consumer goods companies achieve 5X growth through improved demand forecasting by leveraging AI/ML.

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The consumer goods industry faces supply chain disruptions, intense competition, high customer expectations, and complex product diversity. To navigate these challenges, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies rely on demand planning for precise product availability. How can CPG firms implement this effectively? Data accuracy is key—seamlessly collecting and harmonizing real-time data, enriched by AI/ML insights.

2023 08 01 12 14 27 Strengthening Demand Planning For A Global Consumer Goods ConglomerateFor instance, a global consumer goods company operating in 60+ countries, with daily sales of 20 million products across 200 nations, struggled with data acquisition and demand accuracy. Timely sales data was crucial, yet they grappled with disorganized sources, varied formats, inconsistency, and questionable quality.

This led to shortcomings in:

  • Sales efficiency
  • Partner relationships
  • Partner productivity

Download the case study to learn how Infosys TradeEdge Demand Sensing aided the CPG company in overcoming data challenges by streamlining its data acquisition, enhancing data quality through matured AI/ML models, and gaining better insights, thus resulting in 5X growth.