Learn how one of the USA's largest tank truck carriers stays competitive

With in-cab automation, you can stay competitive today and solve the challenges of tomorrow. Discover how one of the largest tank truck carriers in the USA did exactly that by outfitting their 7K+ fleet with rugged, reliable transportation technology.

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If you're interested in future-proofing your fleet, you may want to read this free case study.

For one of the largest tank truck carriers in North America, delivering a better experience for customers and drivers was critical to staying competitive. To meet these needs, they opted for a solution that:

  • Integrated seamlessly with their existing fleet management platform to boost back-office efficiencies.
  • Captured fleet data and analytics to provide real-time visibility
  • Delivered fast and accurate proof-of-delivery documents at every stop.

By ramping up their in-cab automation, they were able to streamline every stop and have total visibility over their inventory and data. Their custom-configured solution meets current needs and can easily scale to solve future challenges.

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