Why Data Matters: The Competitive Edge of Data & Analytics in Today's Marketplace

In an increasingly unpredictable world, with more complex product requirements, data is correspondingly growing in importance as an untapped resource for enterprise longevity and growth.

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The global supply chain continues to be top of mind not just for manufacturing professionals, but also for everyday consumers. With ongoing product availability issues due to material shortages, rising prices from inflation, rolling labor shortages across multiple industries, and expanding geo-political conflict, supply chains are not predicted to settle into a new normal for several years. How do these global factors impact consumers? More importantly, what can companies do to counter these impacts and drive business longevity as well as competitive advantage?

If the COVID pandemic taught commercial enterprises anything, it was the critical need for continued investment in technology that can keep up with the speed of the world today–including the maturation of data usage and analytics. While many companies made investments in enterprise systems such as ERP and WMS platforms, only a small handful of organizations truly reviewed the need for multi-party data, analysis, and orchestration in order to better respond to supply chain disruptions.

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