Versatile Robots for Container and Truck Unloading

Anyware Robotics unveils its AI-powered robotic solution, Pixmo, for container and truck unloading.

Anyware Robotics Pixmo In Action
Anyware Robotics

Anyware Robotics unveils its AI-powered robotic solution, Pixmo, for container and truck unloading. Every year an estimated 28 million containers enter the U.S. with contents, usually boxes, that need to be unloaded. Anyware Robotics Pixmo robots enable companies to ease the heavy burden on human workers who currently unload these. The versatile mobile robots autonomously unload boxes in containers and trucks more safely, cost-effectively, reliably, and quickly than humans can – without the related injuries.  

“Truck unloading is an excellent example of where robots can greatly contribute to making the world a better place,” says Thomas Tang, CEO and co-founder of Anyware Robotics. “Humans have been doing an admirable job in that heavy and demanding work, but there are too many injuries. Pixmo can help to significantly reduce those injuries while improving the throughput of the logistics operations.” 

Key Takeaways:

  • The autonomous mobile Pixmo robots are ideal for unloading at transload facilities, cross docks, third-party logistics providers (3PLs), distribution centers and e-commerce fulfillment warehouses. The robots can be installed within days and provide enhanced operational efficiencies and predictability.  
  • Anyware Robotics was founded in January 2023, raised $5 million in seed capital in March 2023, and is actively negotiating another round of funding to accelerate bringing Pixmo to market. The robotic solution was developed based on years of intensive robotics research by the founders, as well as the personal experience of the company’s CTO unloading containers for his parents’ warehousing business.  
  • Pixmo is built on an advanced AI software stack that combines the latest perception algorithms, learning-based motion planning, and a state-of-the-art data generation pipeline for AI training. The adaptive approach enables Pixmo to be deployed quickly on-site, adjusting and learning on the fly and continuously enhancing reliability. It also enables it to easily manage the complexity of shifting boxes during transit, box orientation, box size, number of SKUs, carton sizing and packaging quality.    
  • Safety is a key element of the Anyware Robotics solution. Pixmo uses a force sensing cobot arm for unloading. This important capability gives warehouse managers peace of mind that the robot can safely work in environments where humans may suddenly move into its path.