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Wesupply's leading B2B outsourced EDI solution – OneTimeTM – is built upon technology that has been developed by Wesupply over the last ten years and has assisted UK and global businesses through the provision of a secure and robust platform for their business critical, extended supply chain requirements. 

The intelligent B2B technology that underpins the OneTime solution, opens and understands the content of each transaction carried through the network. This enables OneTime to monitor each transaction, understand the trading dialogue, apply intelligence to the information carried, and finally issue alerts when required. This unique intelligence enables Wesupply to deliver an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) solution that is unparalleled in its capability to provide full control and visibility to a business’s entire trading community.

The OneTime concept is driven from the fact that, unlike other traditional EDI solutions, you connect just once to the Wesupply network, using your preferred communication method – we do the rest. This approach to EDI reduces complexity and lowers the cost to your business of having to maintain multiple connections. The OneTime electronic trading solution acts as an insular layer to help protect and leverage your existing IT investments.

Moving to a OneTime solution removes complexity, ensures compliance, improves supplier performance and allows you to optimise inventory – releasing cash to the business and maximising profitability for the whole order-to-cash cycle.

At Wesupply, we recognise the importance of being able to provide a service that is both affordable and scalable to meet the individual needs of your business. Our four OneTime offerings – ranging from simple EDI using a web browser, to deep EDI integration through an electronic trading hub, with all the real-time visibility, analysis, alerts and control that our applied intelligence delivers – are designed to provide pre-defined “out of the box” packages, which can be implemented quickly and efficiently. Most importantly, however, they can also be tailored to your specific needs as and when required.

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