MoLo Solutions Announces Partnership with Mastery to Drive Supply Chain Automation and Efficiency

MasterMind allows for unmatched visibility when it comes to solving complex supply chain issues.

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MoLo Solutions announced its partnership with Mastery Logistics Systems, Inc. as it launches MasterMind, a cloud-based SaaS technology solution developed by industry expert Jeff Silver.

Driving automation, stability, and efficiency, MasterMind allows for unmatched visibility when it comes to solving complex supply chain issues. In 2019, Silver and his team recognized a broader need for a TMS that solved problems across the industry, from asset-based dedicated fleets to power-only brokerages and everything in between.

Developing software solutions isn’t anything new for Silver. He created the software used by his previous organizations, American Backhaulers and Coyote Logistics, too. With Mastery, Silver wanted to focus on servicing all aspects of the supply chain, which meant embracing its complexity.

Silver realized that if he created a single cloud-native system that managed these complex logistical problems, Mastery would be a truly unique offering in the industry—and MasterMind™ was born.

“MoLo was looking for a platform that can grow with us—one that supplies us with the infrastructure, functionality, and efficiency that we needed,” said Jack Twyman, MoLo’s Chief Product Officer. “With MasterMind™, we not only gain features and insights that will allow us to offer the highest level of service to our customers and carriers, we’re also able to implement better processes for our employees by automating execution and improving productivity.”

“It would be impossible to do what we’ve done with MasterMind™ without a customer who is willing to provide the resources and users to test the product, and that’s where MoLo came in,” Silver stated. “It’s been exciting to see the software come to life in the hands of people who need it, and we’re appreciative to those at MoLo who have been testing the product as we’ve built it out and as we continue to add automation and capability to the system in the next few months. We’re looking forward to seeing MoLo grow alongside MasterMind™.”

“For MoLo, MasterMind™ is the system that allows us to scale our people and our processes long-term as we work to provide the best service in the industry. Partnering with Mastery, we can leverage premier technology as we work to create a better experience for participants along the supply chain. As our team becomes more effective day-to-day, that improvement expands to benefit our carriers and our customers,” explained Matt Vogrich, MoLo’s President & Chief Operating Officer.

“If our people are maximizing their efficiency and we’re growing our network to move more freight through our system, we can continue to service our customers the right way while also offering them competitive pricing. We’ve always had an incredible team, but now that we can support them with the best technology available, the sky’s the limit,” Vogrich concluded.