SLK Software Launches Avo Automation

Avo solutions combine into a single, no-code to low-code system that helps industries auto-generate, deploy and manage automation across all technologies and business processes.

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SLK Software announced the launch of Avo Automation, the first company to unify process discovery, test automation and RPA into a holistic Quality Automation System (QAS) that liberates people from manual work and allows them to focus on the more strategic, fun parts of their job. Avo solutions combine into a single, no-code to low-code system that helps banking, financial services, insurance, manufacturing, energy and healthcare industries auto-generate, deploy and manage automation across all technologies and business processes.

"There's never been a more important time to automate than the present," says Daniel Goodstein, President of the Institute for Robotic Process Automation & AI (IRPAAI). "Prior to the global pandemic, digital transformation was too low on the priority list for many organizations, but the current environment has accelerated the inevitable for many businesses, and now it's the first thing on everyone's list as they try to do a few years' worth of transformation in a few months. They don't have six months to figure it out. They must figure it out now, or else."

The modern enterprise requires high-quality, simple and intelligent automation tools that free people from repetitive manual work and allow them to use their skills on what accelerates business outcomes. Avo Automation is the first company to make automation so simple and smart that it gives IT and business users alike the unique ability to auto-create software test automation and digital assistants for any business process with a single click.

"CNA Insurance has long been a believer of empowering our employees through automation, but we found ourselves limited with previous providers and needed a partner who could provide rapid delivery of a top-quality solution as we transition from project-based application development to product-centric application delivery," says Jane Possell, SVP and CIO, CNA Insurance. "By turning to Avo and its Discover and Assure solutions for process discovery and test automation, we are well on our way to successfully achieving an automation rate of 10x and deploying test automation for 22 of our large business applications within a few months. Avo is proving to be the best choice for enterprise automation."

For businesses that trust their mission critical processes to enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, Avo Automation is one of the few platforms to be certified by Oracle and SAP for end to end automation. Avo is also the only provider to offer auto-generation of software testing and digital assistants for any web-based application.

"Despite the automation industry being over 30 years old, 70% of business and application development processes are still manual and brittle, thus slowing down efficiencies and affecting bottom lines," says Vidur Amin, CEO, Avo Automation. "Avo Automation is the culmination of 20 years of automation expertise and innovation, and represents the gold standard for human-centered, quality-first digital assistants to liberate human potential."

The first solution in Avo's suite is Avo Discover, which allows businesses to easily document processes across applications, and auto-generate test automation or a digital assistant for that process. It also allows businesses to:

  • Seamlessly combine individual tasks into end-to-end enterprise processes
  • Rapidly improve compliance and governance with well documented processes
  • Collaborate with others and prioritize processes for automation

Once companies have their processes well documented, they can then turn to Avo Assure, the test automation solution that instantly auto-generates software test automation without writing code. Avo Assure provides the ability to:

  • Leverage 1400+ prebuilt keywords to easily & rapidly build test cases
  • Visualize the test landscape with the first mind map in test automation
  • Quickly update and upgrade test scenarios to expand coverage & reduce maintenance
  • Eliminate errors as the application is changed and updated over time

Avo Assist is then the final capability in Avo QAS that allows businesses to import processes captured with Avo Discover and rapidly automate them. Users can create resilient and high-performing digital assistants without relearning how processes work. This process can then be scaled to build digital assistants for any process. When all three solutions are used together, quality and speed of automation are quadrupled.