CGS Announces BlueCherry Next Platform, Bringing a Digital-First Supply Chain to Retailers, Wholesalers and Manufacturers

The COVID-19 pandemic has created enormous pressure for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers to reach the end consumer faster.

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CGS announced the launch of BlueCherry Next, a digital-first supply chain platform for consumer goods companies. Designed to enable intuitive, future-proof business applications for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers, the omnichannel platform will allow companies to accelerate digital transformation at a speed unmatched anywhere else in the market.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has created enormous pressure for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers to reach the end consumer faster. In fact, a McKinsey report found that 93 percent of supply chain executives plan to take steps to make their supply chains more resilient by improving agility, transparency and nearshoring operations. Recognizing this global need for enhanced productivity and digital transformation, CGS accelerated the development of its BlueCherry Next Platform.

“As today’s consumer goods companies continue to be tested by the pandemic and the economic fallout, it has become abundantly clear that companies need to minimize disruptions and are seeking technology to seamlessly move products from concept to digital storefronts,” said Paul Magel, president, Business Applications division, CGS. “While the volatility and complexity of the supply chain extends beyond the current situation, our BlueCherry® solutions help companies be more productive, efficient and, most importantly, scale for tomorrow’s challenges.” 

BlueCherry Next is a no-code platform for digital-native retailers and brands. It is designed to be modular and highly configurable adaptable to industry-specific workflows. The benefits include: 

  • Technology-agnostic: Work anywhere, on any device, without the need to download software or apps
  • Agile: Offers deployment options via. cloud, SaaS, hybrid or on-premises
  • Connected supply chain: Delivers such platform partners as BigCommerce, Browzwear, 3D Look, Threekit, mymushin and Vizoo, among others 

BlueCherry Next PLM, which is the first solution available on the BlueCherry Next platform, is a product lifecycle management solution designed to meet the needs of today’s consumer brands, retailers and manufacturers. Benefits include:

  • Global collaborative platform that connects designers and merchandisers with third-party suppliers.
  • Access to 3D rendering of designs and materials to reduce speed to market, allowing companies to replace physical prototypes with 3D samples. BlueCherry Next is the only platform that incorporates 3D renderings from product design to B2B and B2C channels seamlessly. 
  • Ability to create mood boards and storyboards pre-concept, and involve buyers and consumers for validation and input before mass production.
  • Full access to the extended BlueCherry suite of supply chain solutions or third-party tools with open API integrations.

“Our BlueCherry Next PLM solution is enabling a true concept-to-consumer lifecycle, helping brands to be successful even during times of crisis and heightened activity,” said Charles Benoualid, vice president, Research and Development, CGS. “Our open approach, coupled with partnerships from industry leaders, will provide the BlueCherry community with the ability to excel now and in the future.”

The CGS BlueCherry Enterprise Suite provides clients with comprehensive digital supply chain management solutions, available both in the cloud and on-premises, to drive their fundamental business processes. With a focus on the needs of high-growth organizations operating in consumer lifestyle products, retail and apparel, BlueCherry is a unified platform that provides supply chain visibility with the latest digital technologies. The BlueCherry Suite addresses the needs of the end-to-end supply chain, from planning and product development to manufacturing and sales.