Fressnapf Group Selects Shippeo as Supply Chain Visibility Partners

By integrating with their transport management systems and connecting to carrier’s telematics, Shippeo’s platform collects location and order information across the supply chain.

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The Fressnapf Group, Europe’s largest pet supplies retailer, has partnered with Shippeo, the European leader in real-time transportation visibility solutions, as part of the company’s ongoing digital transformation project.

The company stocks more than 10,000 products available online and in over 1,650 Fressnapf and Maxi Zoo stores in 11 European countries. In 2020, the company is celebrating its phenomenal growth on its 30th anniversary, having recently reached an impressive 2.3 billion euros in turnover in the 2019 financial year. The Fressnapf Group is investing heavily in building new digital capabilities to provide best-in-class customer experiences and to stay ahead of the competition. 

Transparency across global supply chain 

Spanning from China to North America and throughout Europe, The Fressnapf Group’s supply chain is vast, complex and relies on multiple modes of transportation, from deep sea to road – with 10,000 containers and over 25,000 truck deliveries annually. Fluctuations in delivery performance before and during the Covid-19 pandemic, highlighted the need for precise knowledge on the movement of shipments to and from distribution centers.

Shippeo’s predictive visibility platform allows the Fressnapf Group to gain a full end-to-end view of stock transit from North America, China and Europe to their five distribution centers in Germany, tracking via deep sea to Rotterdam port, via barge to Duisport and then via road, all in real-time. The solution helps to make the supply chains of key product portfolios more secure and resilient.

Better planning and automating of processes

Accurate delivery ETAs enable more optimized shelf and promotion planning at stores. By integrating with their transport management systems and connecting to carrier’s telematics, Shippeo’s platform collects location and order information across the supply chain. A market-leading proprietary algorithm converts location data into highly accurate and reliable ETAs, allowing the Fressnapf Group’s supply-chain managers to anticipate and proactively respond to disruptions or delays.

“Prior to using Shippeo, the Fressnapf Group had no visibility of container shipments until they arrived. With Shippeo, the information can be sourced much more easily” Matthias Wenzel, Head of Supply Chain Management at Fressnapf, explains. The platform also provides deep insights into carrier and distribution center performance. “Achieving a highly reliable ETA for inbound deliveries was a key project deliverable for us, as well as eliminating some of the operational blind spots that we had previously.”  

“We chose Shippeo because of the quality of their approach, their thorough understanding of our organization’s unique needs and their ability to provide clear business benefits”, Wenzel comments, adding that “the Shippeo platform’s ability to push shipment status updates to stakeholders and customers will be a game-changer, automating workflows that were largely manual before and allowing our teams to focus on core tasks, adding more value to our  


Thomas Spieker, Director Central Europe at Shippeo, is thrilled to welcome the Fressnapf Group to the Shippeo community: “The Fressnapf Group’s success has been grounded in their focus on their customers and their experiences. Their digital vision and strategy is completely in alignment with Shippeo’s mission, to push critical data and insight to decision- makers and help boost efficiencies, adding value and new capabilities throughout the supply chain.”