TruckingOffice Streamlines Trucking Technology, Combining TMS and ELDs

TruckingOffice is integrating trucking management software and electronic logging devices together to make on-the-ground shipping easier.

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Imagine being a dispatcher and not really knowing what is happening on the other end with your load deliveries? Or not being able to communicate with your truckers or get updates? Trucking Office understands this problem first-hand and has just released a solution with a new technological advance that connects truckers to dispatchers at every step.

Previously, TMS (Trucking Management Software) and ELDs (Electronic Logging Devices) worked separately. Thanks to TruckingOffice building integrative pieces to combine the two, these devices are now working synonymously.

Trucking companies can use TMS to manage details of dispatching, as an automated invoicing system, to track and manage expenses, and to produce accurate reports (such as IFTA, payments, invoices, and mileage reports). TruckingOffice’s TMS will also keep track of dispatch records, driver pay records, truck maintenance records and more. The TMS will also do all of the number crunching for you, saving you hours of work. TruckingOffice’s ELD is an easy-to-install app that works as a logbook and also talks to the VID. This ELD also has a dashboard, where a truck driver can change their duty status, add logs, certify logs, and send over seven days worth of logs to their dispatcher.

TruckingOffice’s combination of the TMS and ELD is a completely new, integrative approach to the world of trucking. Thanks to this duo, a trucking company can place all of the information that a driver needs into the software. The software will know which driver is taking the load and send all of the required information to the driver on their app. The driver can also use this app to write notes, handle billing, and take pictures that can be sent back to his or her trucking company. The trucking dispatcher will be able to track the haul and receive paperwork while the driver is on the go. This will allow the dispatcher to create an invoice sooner than usual due to the quick communication.

Nobody else has this unique feature. Trucking offices previously used a drastic amount of spreadsheets to maintain information that is compactly, neatly stored within TruckingOffice’s devices. “We have a great TMS and a great ELD. When you put the two of them together it’s unbeatable,” says Allen Campbell, CEO of TruckingOffice. When you take one of the best FMCSA compliant ELD systems and combine it with a fantastic TMS system, you have one of the best pieces of software in trucking history.