Tradeshift Launches “Partner Next”, a Newly Enhanced Global Partner Program

Partner Next replaces Tradeshift’s existing partner program which has amassed an ecosystem of 50+ partners since it first launched in 2014.

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Tradeshift has unveiled Partner Next, a newly formalized partner program, designed to provide new and existing Partners with a full range of tools, support and collaboration opportunities to help them accelerate revenue opportunities through rapid digitization of supply chain relationships.

Partner Next replaces Tradeshift’s existing partner program which has amassed an ecosystem of 50+ partners since it first launched in 2014. The new program has been designed to provide a framework for new and existing partners to grow and expand with Tradeshift. Existing partners will transition to Partner Next, while Tradeshift will also look to expand its current partner ecosystem into new territories, market segments and category verticals.

“It is in our DNA to work with Partners. We see them as an extended arm of our salesforce and a key driver in scaling business effectively and efficiently. It is critical now, more than ever, to have digitally connected supply chains, and we are committed to helping our Partners offer their clients a network to go digital and maintain on-time payments, engage sellers, and unlock financial liquidity. With this new program, our goal is to drive 80% of our enterprise bookings and 65% of our implementations through our partner ecosystem by 2022,” said Greg Halko, Global VP of Commercial Growth.

The launch of Partner Next coincides with a period of significant disruption to traditional supply chain relationships which remain heavily reliant on the exchange of paper-based documents. Many businesses are now actively searching for solutions to help them digitize manual processes across their supply chains. Tradeshift’s open network and built-in flexibility enables partners to address their clients’ critical short-term business needs and long-term strategic goals by helping them digitize on their terms.

Designed to be a community of businesses that—together—exponentially increase each other’s ability to drive successful outcomes and benefits, members of the Partner Next program are organized across five complementary categories, reflecting the different specialisms across the partner ecosystem:

  • Advisory/consulting - helps prospect choose solution, drives digital journey
  • Implementation - subscription is sold by Tradeshift to end customer, but partner takes responsibility for partially or fully implementing the solution
  • Reseller - sells the subscription to the end customer and can also provide implementation, assist in onboarding and support services depending on type of reseller and contract
  • App - an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) that could add additional value to the Tradeshift platform by embedding their solution
  • BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) - a reseller that sells outsourced managed services to end customers powered by Tradeshift

Every member of the Partner Next community benefits from a single, primary contact for all Tradeshift engagements, providing partners and their stakeholders with a seamless experience that increases service levels and enhances real-time collaboration. Tradeshift’s structured partner journey provides program members with a range of standardized and tailored training programs covering every aspect of the partner relationship, from engagement and delivery, through to joint sales and delivery governance. Dedicated Partner Fast sessions have been designed to provide new and existing partners with regular product deep-dives, state of the union updates, and information on how to leverage the Tradeshift network effectively. Enhancements to Tradeshift’s Partner Enablement and Partner Marketing offerings further ensure every partner has the tools and support to drive business, sell Tradeshift with confidence, and align on go-to-market strategy.

“The Genpact-Tradeshift partnership combines the digital technology of our Genpact Cora platform with Tradeshift's leading-edge business-to-business network to help our clients transform their procurement and accounts payable processes and drive more strategic decisions with access to faster, smarter data,” said Scott Van Valkenburgh, global alliances leader, Genpact. “As a member of Tradeshift’s Partner Next program, we look forward to continuing to co-innovate to help clients reimagine their operations for greater business impact.”