Consumer Responses Show Uneven Sentiment for 5G

A new survey from Sykes shows that consumers' feelings regarding 5G technology range from excitement to uncertainty.

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5G will no doubt have an impact on our lives and the everyday products we use — and with ongoing debate over whether the United States or China will win the race to 5G and the recent widespread 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory, 5G seems to be in the news more than ever before. SYKES wanted to get a sense as to what Americans think about the fifth generation of wireless connectivity and the extent to which they believe it will impact their daily lives.

Here’s a preview of what was found: 

  • Over 85% of Americans are familiar with 5G. (A January GSMA Intelligence survey indicated 75% of consumers were aware of 5G.)
  • Over 70% of Americans believe 5G will have a positive impact on their daily lives.
  • Over half of Americans (mostly Millennials) say they would pay more for 5G to avoid speed or connectivity issues with home connected devices.
  • Media and entertainment was the top response by Americans asked to identify an industry that could most benefit from 5G, followed by the healthcare industry, and then energy/utilities.