Salesforce Looks to Support Businesses Pivoting During Pandemic

Salesforce is looking to help those who are switching their businesses around to help the fight against the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

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Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels

As the global community continues to feel the impact of COVID-19, we’re bringing the full power of Salesforce to support our customers, employees, partners and communities. Salesforce Care solutions help companies in any industry keep their business running and stay connected to stakeholders, even when many are working remotely.

As part of these efforts, Salesforce is releasing Salesforce Care for Manufacturing, a solution for manufacturers who are pivoting operations and reallocating resources to produce critical COVID-19 relief supplies, such as personal protective equipment (PPE), ventilators, virus testing equipment and other response supplies. 

This solution helps manufacturers improve visibility into demand and respond to the rapidly changing needs of their ecosystem with agility. Specifically, it allows manufacturers to develop critical, accurate forecasts to manage customer demand for relief supplies, enable real-time partner collaboration, and surface actionable business insights.  

Salesforce Care for Manufacturing is available immediately, takes just a few hours to set up, and will be available free for 90 days to offer support to COVID-19 related manufacturing efforts. Details on eligibility here.  

It allows manufacturers to: 

  • Accurately Forecast Demand: A pre-configured Manufacturing Cloud org drives collaboration with product, operations and customer-facing teams who are now pivoting resources to the time-sensitive production of relief supplies and need to accurately forecast customer demand. 
  • Collaborate in Real-Time With Partners: Enable real-time remote collaboration and visibility across the value chain as companies onboard new suppliers and distributors to support the production and distribution of relief products. 
  •  Surface Actionable Insights: Leverage data to analyze customer demand and recommend order prioritization so that companies can bring relief supplies to market or expand capacity in order to meet the needs of customers, partners, and communities.