Mobile Industrial Robots Adds Five Certified System Integrators to Global Network

Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) announced the signing of five certified system integrators (CSI) in both North and South America.

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Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR) announced the signing of five certified system integrators (CSI) in both North and South America. US-based JMP Solutions, Iris Custom Solutions, Flex-Line Automation, Advanced Handling Systems, as well as Nordika Brazil in Sao Paulo, Brazil, all have specific MiR robot, software and application expertise to support end users with large and complex implementations.

“In today’s uncertain business environment, companies – whether deemed essential or not – need to improve efficiencies and get their products to customers as quickly as possible,” said Ed Mullen, VP of sales, Americas, Mobile Industrial Robots. “They need strong technology partners who can ensure fast and effective integration to help them optimize the efficiency and productivity of their internal logistics. These five CSIs know our AMRs, they know the applications in which they can be used most effectively, and they know how to implement even complex systems with multiple AMRS while providing the highest degree of customer service.”

MiR’s global network of CSIs ensure proper installation and service of MiR’s fleet of user-friendly, powerful and robust AMRs for heavy and light internal transport. The MiR100, MiR200, MiR250, MiR500 and MiR1000 are designed to optimize logistics throughout the entire production chain, from the warehouse to the delivery of goods. MiR AMRs are already installed in more than 60 countries at companies such as Toyota, Ford Motors, Raytheon, ABB and CABKA North America.

CSIs Drive Adoption of Customizable Automation Technology

In addition to helping MiR grow its AMR installations across the United States and Latin America, these partnerships better enable the CSIs to offer customized solutions for their end users’ specific applications.

According to Darryl King, vice president of sales at JMP, "Our goal is to help drive the adoption of automation technology by providing the expertise to deliver solutions and support our customers during their journeys. For 30 years, JMP has been providing exceptional customer experiences while delivering the very best automated solutions to our customers. The addition of Mobile Industrial Robots further supports JMP’s position as the trusted adviser to Fortune 1000 manufacturers."

Andy Battler, director of operations of the AGV/AMR group at JMP, added, “The adoption of autonomous mobile robot technology is growing at a breakneck pace. As manufacturers look to solve new challenges, we at JMP are looking to support both our customers, and our OEM partners, by providing the very best integrated AMR solutions. We are excited to add MiR to our portfolio of automation technologies.”

According to Dave Tavel, executive vice president of AHS, this new relationship provides AHS with “the opportunity to solve non-value-added movements within a distribution center or a warehouse. There are a number of options available to the market, but MiR provides the ultimate capability to customize top modules, secondary equipment or software. We are excited and have seen significant interest in the technology over our last two years working with MiR. Our alignment will provide further access to systems integration solutions for our current and future customers.”